Boston to Philadelphia Plane Tickets

Round trip from Boston to Philadelphia is easy to book with a variety of plane ticket options. Both the cities are historically rich in culture, and there are multiple Boston to Philadelphia plane ticket options available between Logan International Airport (BOS) and Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Several airlines, including major carriers, offer direct flights, ensuring a quick and efficient journey. Booking in advance can often result in cost savings, and the frequent availability of flights makes it easy to find a schedule that suits your needs. Whether you're visiting family, exploring historical landmarks, or attending business meetings, airplane ticket from Boston to Philadelphia offer a hassle-free way to travel.


Get Discounts on Boston to Philadelphia Flights with Flightsmojo:

Travelers looking to score discounts on Boston to Philadelphia flight tickets have several options to consider. First, booking in advance is a smart strategy, as early reservations often come with lower fares. Additionally, signing up for fare alerts with airlines or travel websites can keep you informed about any one way flight from Boston to Philadelphia and any price drops or special promotions. Flexibility with travel dates can also lead to cheaper options. Exploring alternative airports near your destination can help you find more affordable flights. Lastly, consider joining frequent flyer programs and using accumulated miles or points to offset the cost of your BOS to PHL plane ticket, ensuring you get the best possible deal on your journey between these two historic cities.


About Philadelphia:

Philadelphia, often called the "City of Brotherly Love," is a historic and culturally rich metropolis on the East Coast of the United States. Known as the birthplace of American democracy, Philadelphia played an important role in the nation's history, with historical places such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell drawing visitors from around the world. The city offers a diverse culinary scene, vibrant neighborhoods like Center City and Old City, and an array of world-class museums, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art. With a thriving arts scene, passionate sports culture, and a welcoming atmosphere, Philadelphia offers a blend of tradition and modernity that appeals to travelers of all interests.


Boston as a City:

The city of Boston, which is sometimes referred to as the "Hub of the Universe," is enchanting and skillfully blends charm, innovation, and history. With famous locations like the Freedom Trail, Fenway Park, and the storied Beacon Hill neighborhood, it is situated in American history. World-famous institutions like Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are located there, making it a center for intellectual and cultural life. While the charming Boston Harbor and Charles River offer possibilities for beautiful strolls and water activities, the city's bustling districts offer a diversified scene. Visitors are left with a positive image of Boston because of the city's distinctive fusion of the old and the new.

Boston to Philadelphia Flights Connectivity:

Flight connectivity from Boston to Philadelphia  is robust and efficient, linking two historically rich cities on the East Coast. Travelers have the convenience of choosing from multiple daily flights departing from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) and arriving at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Boston to Philadelphia airline tickets can be available at various schedules and preferences, making it easy for both business and leisure travelers to plan their trips. The short flight duration ensures a quick and hassle-free journey between these two iconic cities, allowing passengers to explore Boston's colonial heritage and Philadelphia's role in American history with ease, making it a popular route for travelers seeking a taste of the East Coast's cultural treasures.


Things to remember before booking your Boston to Philadelphia flights:

Although there are a lot of things to keep in mind before booking your flight deals to score inexpensive Boston to Philadelphia air tickets, some of the most crucial things to think about are, first and foremost, make sure to compare the airfare across all airline and online travel agencies (OTA) websites before booking your flight to Philadelphia. A month before your departure date, try to purchase your airline ticket so that you may choose from a variety of flights at discounted rates. Read over the rules and regulations of the airline you have chosen to fly with, paying particular attention to the luggage policy. To prevent any last-minute problems at the airport, review the baggage policy.


1. How to get the cheapest airline tickets from Boston to Philadelphia?

Ans: It is easy to book low cost air tickets from Boston to Philadelphia without facing any trouble. All you need to do is search for your flight one month before the departure date. The earlier you book, the cheaper you will get the airfare to pay.

2. What is the distance between Boston to Philadelphia?

Ans: The distance between Boston to Philadelphia is almost 271 miles.

3. How long is the flight from Boston to Philadelphia?

Ans: The direct flight will take 1 hour from Boston to Philadelphia.

4. Which popular airlines offer cheap plane tickets from Boston to Philadelphia?

Ans: American, Alaska, JetBlue, Allegiant, and Frontier Airlines are some major Airlines providing the low cost flight fare by providing discounts and deals.

5. Can I get direct flights from Boston to Philadelphia?

Ans: To get a nonstop flight from Boston to Philadelphia all you need to do is look forward to the name of the cities you are supposed to travel to and from. There are many options available on the internet to help you in finding the best affordable direct flight for yourself.

6. What are the popular attractions in Philadelphia?

Ans: Though there are many popular attractions in Philadelphia, the most popular ones, which you must not miss out visiting are, Museum of the American Revolution, Liberty Bell Pavilion, The Barnes Foundation, Independence Hall, Independence National Historical Park, Rodin Museum, and Philadelphia Zoo.

7. How many airports are there in Philadelphia?

Ans: There are many airports working actively in Philadelphia. Some of the major airports working domestically as well as internationally are Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN), and Atlantic City International Airport (ACY).

8. Can I book a flight from Boston to Philadelphia at the Last minute?

Ans: Yes,you can easily book a cheap last minute Boston to Philadelphia flight. All you need to do is search for your destinations and research through the internet regarding what are the current fares provided by the airlines.

9. Can I easily get cheap flight tickets from Boston to Philadelphia on Flightsmojo for under $100?

Ans: To get cheap plane tickets to Philadelphia for almost under $100 is not as difficult as you might think. All you need to do is look forward to booking the plane tickets a month before the departure date after comparing the fare prices. You can try using your reward points for lower airfare.

10. Why use Flightsmojo?

Ans: The reason why you must book Philadelphia airline tickets from Flightsmojo is residing in its pledge to provide a hassle free ticket booking service to its passengers. You can contact any time of the day to our customer support executives for more information on how you can easily book a low cost airline ticket.

Airport information

BOSTON Airport information

Airport : Edward L Logan Intl


Address : Boston, MA 02128

PHILADELPHIA Airport information

Airport : Philadelphia Intl


Address : Philadelphia, PA 19153