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    Whether a casual or occasional traveler, booking a flight ticket is a lot of work. Especially when you are on a tight budget, we always book flight tickets months in advance since it is said that if you book your ticket months in advance, you will get a much-negotiated price. Most travelers know when the right time is to book a flight ticket, but there are circumstances when you do not have enough time to book tickets in advance. For example, an urgent business meeting, a family issue, a spontaneous trip, or a medical emergency. So, you end up paying a hefty sum for your last-minute flight tickets. Unbelievably, it can seriously put a dent in your bank accounts. Last-minute flight tickets can cost more than a pre-booked flight ticket. The prices can also vary, depending on different airlines, so you need to be careful and clever to book your tickets.

    But that should not be the case every time you need to urgently book a last-minute flight ticket. Gone are the days when you could only book cheap flight tickets only months in advance. Today you can totally get cheap last-minute flights, only if you can get to the best place to get them. There are multiple OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) that help you get the best deals on last-minute flight tickets. FlightsMojo is one of them. They provide you with the best possible price, even if you book at the last minute. And guess what? It’s not limited to Economy class; you can also get good deals on business-class flight tickets. Usually, last-minute flight tickets are booked within 14 days (about 2 weeks) of your departure. However, it can also be booked a week before your trip. If you are lucky, you can even get a ticket two hours prior to the departure. Also, look for multiple airports in your vicinity and do not stick to the nearest to your location or destination. But don’t go far either; choose one that is also convenient to commute to.

    There are some tips that you can use while booking a last-minute flight ticket, and these will prevent any possible dents in your savings accounts.

    Best Time to Book a Last-Minute Flight Ticket

    Generally, booking your flight tickets in advance is best to get the best price and avoid any kind of hassles during your trip. But if the circumstances are different then you should book your flight ticket at least a week to 14 days (about two weeks) before your departure. However, it is possible to buy a last-minute flight ticket a few hours before the flight leaves. But that depends on the airlines. That is where FlightsMojo comes in handy. They provide the best deals and discounts even on last-minute flight tickets, from Economy to Business class you can get attractive discounts on all kinds of flights. It is also suggested that if the situation allows you to, book at least a week before your spontaneous trip.

    Cheapest Flight Ticket

    Sure, it’s true if you book a flight ticket, you might have to pay a little extra. But not if you book the last flight or the first flight of that day. These two flights are usually when you can buy the cheapest last-minute flight tickets. The best way to save money on flight tickets is to buy red-eye flight tickets. Red-eye flights leave at night and land in the mornings, sure, it might hinder your sleeping schedule, but you can always catch up on your sleep on the flight. Visit FlightsMojo for the cheapest red-eye flight tickets.

    Look For Deals and Discounts

    Another way to save money and buy pocket-friendly last-minute flight tickets is to use miles points and discounts. Most of the airlines offer last-minute flight discounts, and you can avail them of miles points. Some online travel agencies, such as Flights Mojo, offer exclusive discounts during peak seasons like Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas. 

    Book On Weekdays

    Did you know that booking tickets in the middle of weekdays can save you big bucks? Yes, it’s true. Usually, flights that depart on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are cheaper in comparison with the beginning of the week flights or weekend flights.

    Off-Season Destinations

    If you are planning a sudden trip to enjoy your holidays, then you can go to an off-season destination to save money on your last-minute flight tickets. It could be a solution where everyone benefits you, with cheap flight tickets and a less crowded place to enjoy your time.

    Compare Different Airline Fares

    After considering all the above points, it is all left to make a comparison. Compare different airlines and flight tickets, timings, and if they are providing any discounts on their last-minute flight ticket bookings. You can also turn on their notification to get notified when they are offering low-price tickets or offering attractive discounts.

    Spend a small amount of time browsing through different websites to get the best price, though Flights Mojo will not disappoint you in this regard. We, at flightsmojo.com, make all the comparisons for you and bring you the best deals for you to book your last-minute flight tickets. You can also get free add-ons and handsome discounts on our website. So, worry not, and just visit our online travel agency FlightsMojo to book your next flight ticket.