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About LATAM Airlines:

Formerly known as LAN Airlines, LATAM Airlines is based in Santiago, Chile. LATAM stands for Latin America. The name came into existence after the merger of LAN Airlines of Chile with TAM Airlines of Brazil in 2012. Chilean airline LAN was a flag carrier and one of the most recognized air carriers in South America, with its hub set at the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport (SCL). LATAM provides airplane services all over South America, Oceania, and Europe. With a fleet size of 128, LATAM Airlines offers flying services to more than 55 countries worldwide. Travelers who want to travel lavishly at low rates can reserve cheaper plane tickets.

How and Where to Book LATAM Airline Plane Tickets and Avail Deals & Discounts?

LATAM Airlines has made flying services available for everyone at the cheapest prices with the help of our website. The flight services are no longer a luxury. You can even buy First and Business Class Flights at the lowest of airfare. The Airlines has an abundance of domestic air travel services and international air travel services. The carrier has been providing exceptional travel services to its customers and has become one of the best flight service providers in the world. Flightsmojo has made LATAM Airlines booking very easy with their easy-to-navigate portal. You can book any domestic or international flight at a low cost and get big deals & discounts on your Cheap flights with LATAM Airlines bookings.

Popular Destinations LATAM Airlines Provide Services to:

Although LATAM Airlines offers services to over 140 destinations, some of the popular destinations are Dallas, Miami, Cancun, Tampa, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

LATAM Airlines Baggage Policy:

Make sure to know about the baggage policy of LATAM Airlines before booking your air ticket. You can contact the customer support provider of the carrier to know all the terms and conditions regarding the baggage policy to avoid any last minute trouble. The air carrier Allows you to carry a checked bag of 23 kg per person, and the dimensions of your baggage should not exceed 158 cm, including height, width, and length. However, the baggage policies are different according to the cabin ticket you book. On booking a Premium Business ticket, you get to carry two baggage of 23 kg each, especially if you book a LATAM airlines round trip ticket.


Apart from your convention airport and online check-in, LATAM Airlines also provides an automated check-in option. Just fill in all the required blanks with the requested information, and the rest will be taken care of by the Airline. For a convenient and fast check-in process, you can look forward to relying on LATAM flights.

LATAM Airlines provides the best cabin facilities in three cabin classes:

Economy Class Flight Facilities: This Airlines provides one of the best Economy Class facilities to its passengers. Get the facility of charging your electronic devices to adjustable headrests along with comfortable seats with sufficient legroom. And book your LATAM Airlines economy class ticket today.

Premium Economy Class Flight Facilities: Get access to the VIP Lounge facility by purchasing a LATAM plane ticket in a premium economy cabin for yourself. In Premium Economy, you can easily avail of priority options during check-in, entertainment facility, and high-quality food of your choice.

Premium Business Class Flight Facilities: With a broad entertainment and dining facility and more spacious seats, the Airline provides cheap ticket prices in premium business class for its passengers to avail the best and most comfortable journey to all their destinations. Get priority in receiving all the facilities provided by LATAM to its passengers.

Passengers Traveling with Children:

The Airline has a very well-defined children's policy for its passengers. The Airline ensures that their young travelers don't feel uncomfortable and unsafe in a new environment. LATAM has differentiated its children policy according to the age group of the children, as children below eight years, Children between the ages of 8 and 12, and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18. This way, it becomes easy for the Airline to take care of the safety and security of the child. Along with the children policy, the air carrier also offers an unaccompanied minor and Bassinet policy for the well-being of your little one.

Pet Policy:

LATAM has a very comprehensive and vivid pet policy for your tiny travel partners. The Airline offers three ways to let your pet travel. You can travel with you in the same cabin, your pet can travel in the same airplane you are in, or your pet will be allowed to travel through the LATAM Cargo. All three available places for your pet depend upon the size, weight, and age of your pet. Make sure to keep all the medical documents of your pet and legal documents of your pet along with you to avoid any unfavorable scenario.

Equipment that can be carried on LATAM Airlines planes:

There are some dangerous objects and equipment that you are asked to avoid carrying in your luggage. The same goes for LATAM Airlines, and the Airline has strict policies and guidelines regarding which equipment must not be carried while traveling on a plane. Hence, you are expected to not carry these objects to avoid last minute rush and trouble at the airport check-in counter. Some of the equipment restricted by this travel organization are Lithium-ion batteries, sharp objects, medical devices, fuels, gasses, and firearms. For more details, you must make sure to visit LATAM Americas website to have a safe and hassle-free check-in process.

LATAM Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy:

LATAM Airline understands how difficult it is to change your flight plans at the last minute. Hence, have a very flexible and convenient cancellation and refund policy. Make sure to go through the cancellation policy of the airlines. In case you request a cancellation of your Latam flight tickets within 24 hours of booking, you will not be asked to pay any cancellation fees. To avoid paying more cancellation fees as per the fare difference, avoid last-minute cancellations and contact the customer support provider to get solutions for all your queries. So, make your LATAM Airlines flight reservation today with Flightsmojo, and worry not about the flexible cancellation and refund policy of the airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions about LATAM Airline Flights:

Q.1: What is the Baggage Allowance for LATAM Airline flights?

Ans: LATAM Airlines' baggage policy consists of two parts;

Carry-on Baggage: LATAM Airlines allowed one carry-on baggage plus one additional item per passenger. Passengers must ensure their luggage and an additional item is within the limit of 55 x 35 x 25 cm, weight 8 kg for Economy class and 16 kg for Premium Economy and Business class travelers.

Check-In Baggage: One passenger can carry one baggage of 23 kg with a length of 158 cm. anything over this limit will not be accepted, or you might have to pay additional charges.

Q.2: Is Online Check-in available for LATAM Airline flights?

Ans: LATAM Airlines believe in passengers’ comfort and faster services. Hence, the LATAM web check-in option. You can visit the LATAM Airline website and access the Online Check-In tab to get your boarding pass. The option will be available 48 hours before the flight departure and will be open until 2 hours before the scheduled departure.

Q.3: What can passengers expect from LATAM Airline flight services?

Ans: Passengers who wish to book LATAM Airline tickets can expect great customer based services. The airline believes in full customer satisfaction, whether it provides cheap flight tickets, comfortable seats, a great menu, or faster and smoother airline services. LATAM Airlines offer good entertainment, comfortable seats, more legroom, a delicious extensive menu, friendly in-air staff, and complimentary drinks. These are some in-air services passengers can expect from LATAM Airlines. That’s not all, and you can get cheap fare air tickets to any of the destinations, faster boarding pass services, and baggage services. First and Business Class Flights passengers can expect all the above services, including priority at boarding & deboarding and security checks, and also enjoy extra perks and benefits to get their money’s worth.

Q.4: Do LATAM Airlines offer international flight services?

Ans: With over 250 daily flights, LATAM Airlines offers international flight services with domestic airline services with the cheapest airline fare. LATAM Airline also provides great deals & discounts, and low fares for flights to all the popular LATAM Airline international routes. Make sure to check them out.

Q.5: Do LATAM Airlines provide a Frequent Flyer Program?

Ans: To reward their regular passengers, LATAM Airlines has come up with a frequent flyer program called LATAM Pass. Every year more than 250,000 LATAM Pass members get to fly for free using this program. With more than four million LATAM Pass members, LATAM Airlines has provided various benefits to its frequent flyers. LATAM Airlines LATAM Pass has four membership tiers; 1.) Gold (Oneworld Ruby), 2.) Platinum (Oneworld Sapphire), 3.) Black (Oneworld Emerald), 4.) Black Signature (Oneworld Emerald). Avail of various benefits under LATAM PASS, including the cheapest of flight fares and flight upgrade options. For more information, visit the LATAM website.

Q.6: Do LATAM Airlines provide refunds after cancellation?

Ans: As per LATAM Airlines Cancellation & Refund policy, you can cancel your booked flight within less than 24 hours of booking your LATAM Airlines flight ticket and claim a full refund. However, if you cancel your plane ticket 24 hours before the scheduled airline departure, you will have to pay a small cancellation fee. Check all LATAM Airlines & refund policies before booking or canceling your flight ticket.

Q.7: Why Should I book my LATAM Airlines flight tickets with Flightsmojo?

Ans: LATAM Airlines connects with passengers and offers airline services through the Flightsmojo platform. Customers receive the final LATAM flight fare, allowing them to choose their preferred ticket price and flight class with ease. You can depend on our knowledgeable customer service to assist you in locating the most cost effective flight to your preferred destination. Contact our expert customer service team for any information on airlines or flights.

Q.8: What are the Popular Destinations LATAM Airlines provides airline services?

Ans: LATAM Airlines has been operating on more than 250 domestic and worldwide destinations and is quite popular with some of them. LATAM Airlines is very famous for following destinations for offering their remarkable airline services.