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About Southwest Airlines:

One of the major US airlines, Southwest Airlines, aka SW Airlines, is based in Dallas Love Field, Texas, and operates most of its flight services with Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL). SW Airlines works on domestic and international flights. The airline started in 1967, only providing services in three parts of Texas, Dallas, Houston, & San Antonio. Southwest Airlines has snowballed ever since and made it to the top three airlines in the US after Delta Airlines and American Airlines. You can easily book a cheap Southwest Airlines plane ticket with the help of Flightsmojo and enjoy incredible deals & discounts on your bookings.

How and Where to Book Southwest Airlines Plane Tickets?

Although you can book Southwest Airlines flight tickets directly from the website, that’s not always a good idea. This way, passengers cannot find the cheapest airline tickets for their travel. This is where Online Travel Agencies are helpful, and there are many OTAs, including Flightsmojo. OTAs compare air tickets of many airlines, including Southwest Airlines, and bring you the best airline ticket with the lowest airfare. Another great thing about online travel agencies is that they offer amazing deals and discounts on all your flight bookings.

Popular Destinations Southwest Airlines Provide Services to:

Southwest Airlines provides flying services to 40 states with over 100 domestic destinations & 15 international destinations. Some of Southwest Airlines’ popular destinations are; Washington, Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, and Dallas.

Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy:

According to Southwest Airlines, one passenger is allowed two checked-in and one carry-on baggage on their flight.

Carry-On Baggage has a limit of length and weight. Carry-on baggage must be at most 25 x 40 x 60 cm. anything larger than the given limit will not be accepted. So make sure your luggage is the appropriate size, or else you might have to leave it behind or pay extra charges.

Check-In Baggage also has a limit of length and weight. Check-In baggage must not exceed 157 cm in dimension and 22 kg (50 lbs). Anything larger than the given limit will not be accepted. However, Southwest Airlines has the option of paying extra to carry extra. Passengers can pay the specified amount for their excess baggage and travel with their desired luggage. Visit the airline website for all the baggage-related information.

Passengers can also carry an additional personal item; a backpack, laptop, camera, or handbag.

Online Check-In:

If passengers have limited time and cannot reach the airport on time, they can check in using the online check-in option on the Southwest Airlines website or mobile application. Passengers can visit the Online Check-in option on the Southwest Airlines website and check-in. But the option will only be available 24 hours before the plane is scheduled to depart.

Airport Check-In:

Southwest Airlines also gives an alternative option for check-in, which is easy and can be done in person if you are not very efficient with online technologies. Airport Check-In is effortless. You must reach the airport 45 minutes before your flight takes off for a domestic route and 60 minutes before an international flight route.

Southwest Economy Class Flight Facilities:

Southwest Airlines is in the top three US airlines and also one of the best low cost carrier service providers. Hence, Southwest Airlines only has one Economy class flight service, basic economy. Passengers can book low cost Southwest Economy class air tickets. The seats are comfortable enough for a budget flight. Travelers can also enjoy all the basic economy flight services, adjustable headrest seats, enough legroom, free Wi-Fi, TV, pre-booked meals, and complimentary drinks.

First & Business Class Flight Facilities:

As we mentioned before, Southwest Airlines is a low cost carrier. Therefore they do not provide First Class flight services. However, you can get cheap Business Class Flight tickets from Southwest Airlines. Passengers will be able to enjoy all the business class flying services even at low cost. With cozy and comfortable seats, priority in boarding, free Wi-Fi, faster check-in services, a better menu and drinks, and lounges.

Southwest Airlines and Frequent Flyer Program:

Southwest Airlines appreciates its frequent customers. Hence they came up with their Frequent Flyer Program called Rapid Reward. Regular passengers can earn points on their Southwest Airlines ticket bookings and redeem the points for their subsequent flight bookings.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Southwest Airlines has a Refund after Cancellation policy. Passengers can cancel their flights and claim a refund after paying a small cancellation fee.

Frequently Asked Questions about Southwest Airlines Flights:

Q.1: What is the Baggage limit for Southwest Airlines flights?

Ans: Passengers can carry two checked-in luggage, one carry-on baggage, and one additional personal item. Passengers need to ensure everything falls under the mentioned baggage limit.

Q.2: Is Online Check-in available for Southwest Airlines flights?

Ans: Yes, Southwest airlines have online check-in and offline check-in options for all passengers.

Q.3: What are the Popular Destinations Southwest Airlines provides airline services?

Ans: Some of the popular destinations for Southwest airlines airline services are;

Q.4: What can passengers expect from Southwest Airlines flight services?

Ans: Passengers can expect excellent airline services with comfortable seats and convivial assistance from Southwest Airlines

Free baggage, lounges, Easy Check-in, Low-cost airline tickets, convivial airline assistance, & delicious on-board meal.

Q.5: Does Southwest Airlines offer international flight services?

Ans: Southwest Airlines also provide over 15 international flight routes services with low fares available with more than 100 domestic routes.

Q.6: Do Southwest airlines provide refunds after cancellation?

Ans: Yes, Southwest Airlines has a refund after-cancel policy. All Southwest Airlines tickets are refundable after deducting a small cancellation charge.

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Ans: Flightsmojo offers the best routes and airline services with cheap fares. Economy, or First & Business Class Flights, customers will indeed get the finest of airline service for their travel. We compare various airlines and present you with low-cost airline tickets. Customers can get special fare deals & discounts on their flight bookings with us.