Baltimore to Las Vegas Plane Tickets:

FlightsMojo can help you find the lowest fares from Baltimore to Las Vegas. The air route from Baltimore to Vegas is a heavily frequented one, and many airlines fly it as a result. Due to this, there are many rates, cabins, and seats to choose & book from. Our algorithm automatically finds the cheapest ticket from Baltimore to Vegas for you to book to make this overwhelming choice easier.   


Baltimore to Las Vegas Airline Route Information

The Baltimore to Las Vegas airline route has heavy passenger traffic and many airlines operate on this air route. United, Southwest, JetBlue, Delta, and American Airlines fly on this route. Economical airlines like Frontier and Spirit also fly between BWI and LAS. There is a scarcity of direct flying options on the route. Only Spirit and Southwest Airlines commonly provide direct flights to Las Vegas from Baltimore. The duration of these air journeys is over five hours going towards LAS and more than 4 hours returning to Baltimore. As such, these seats sell out weeks or days before the flight time. One should make their airline reservations in advance to get these direct seats. Especially the cheaper fares for Spirit Airline tickets. As such, connecting flights from Baltimore to Las Vegas are much more affordable than non stop flights to Vegas. Flights take off from Baltimore after 5 AM and only until 11 PM. However, on the Return flight to Baltimore from Vegas, you can get a flight 24 hours a day and catch a Red Eye flight to Baltimore if you choose.   


Airline details for BWI to LAS Airport route: The BWI to LAS air route is operated by many popular airlines. Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country Air, and United are the most famous airlines to commute on this trail. Of these, most airlines only provide flights with layovers to Vegas. Only Spirit and Southwest Airlines have non stop flights to Vegas from Baltimore. Make sure to book in advance to choose what airline and flight you can fly on. High demand causes these airlines to sell out faster.  


Distance between Baltimore and Las Vegas: Two thousand four hundred eight miles is the separation between Las Vegas and Baltimore. This is compressed to 2106 aerial miles with a fast air travel service. The drive time is 35 hours continuous, which is drastically larger than the five-and-a-half hour flying time on a non stop flight to Vegas. Since air travel saves many days of realistic traveling time, most people commuting from Vegas to Baltimore or Baltimore to Vegas prefer taking a plane. So dally not and buy your plane ticket to Vegas now.   


Flight ticket prices and other details: The cheapest round trip tickets from Baltimore to Vegas cost under 200 USD when booked in advance based upon availability. Spirit and Frontier provide tickets in the lower price range of under 200 USD. The average cost of the other airlines can go to around 400 USD for a round trip. The prices of air tickets to Las Vegas from Baltimore depend on the inclusions. Some airlines have all inclusive tickets to Vegas, while others do not provide meals or charge extra for luggage. Keep in mind what is needed for your trip before purchasing your tickets. Moreover, there are no Baltimore to Vegas Red Eye Flights, so that you can consider early morning or late night flights for a lower cost. 


About Las Vegas:

Las Vegas, Nevada, is top of the most popular cities in the World list. Due to Hollywood’s appreciation of the party scenes in the state, Vegas has been given a global reputation as The Party Town. It is a popular destination for bachelorette and bachelor parties. When one thinks of Vegas, one thinks of the large gambling casino resorts, the never-ending flow of alcohol, and indulgent food like lobsters and caviar. And this reputation is well earned. Vegas delivers what it promises-an elevated party experience like no other. When you are in Vegas, you are guaranteed fun and memories. The only thing you may lack is sleep, but the experiences make up for it. So pack your luggage and all your good luck, find a Last minute ticket to Vegas, and let the fun begin. 


Baltimore as a City:

Baltimore is the largest city in the state of Maryland, though not its capital, which is Annapolis. The city of Baltimore has played a significant part in the history of the United States. Its beneficial geographic position on the East Coast allowed for a vital sea harbor to form. This, in turn, allowed the European settlements in America to expand Westward towards the West Coast. It is popular for its employment opportunities and many firsts. But the city is best known as the birthplace of the national anthem of the United States of America, “The Star Spangled Banner.” Francis Scott Key penned the song after he was awed by the sight of the national flag atop Fort McHenry. The song didn’t initially have a patriotic origin in melody, but it was adopted as the national anthem nonetheless. For any American History nerd, Baltimore is a must-visit location. Look up BWI now and get the cheapest airplane tickets to Baltimore


Baltimore to Las Vegas Flights Connectivity:

FlightsMojo makes air travel connectivity from Baltimore to Las Vegas most effortless. You can search for cheap flights from BWI to LAS and find the best options for your travel dates. We compare all airlines and cabin types and find the lowest fare to Vegas for you. Despite the low frequency, we work to find available low cost Baltimore to Vegas flight tickets for you or get you the best available stopover flight to Vegas. 


1. How do you get the cheapest airline tickets from Baltimore to Las Vegas?

Ans: To get cheap airline tickets from Baltimore to Las Vegas, book your tickets with us. We automatically find the lowest fares from Baltimore to Vegas on your dates of choice and present them to you so you don’t have to search for them yourself. It is also always wise to reserve in advance as fares rise the closer the departure time is.

2. What is the distance between Baltimore and Las Vegas?

Ans: Baltimore and Las Vegas are 2106 aerial miles or 2408 miles from each other.

3. How long is a flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas?

Ans: A direct flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas lasts about 6 hours. A connecting flight to Vegas varies in length depending on the length of the layover. It can go over 15 hours with a single layover. Check the details of your chosen schedule before booking.

4. Which popular airlines offer cheap plane tickets from Baltimore to Las Vegas?

Ans: Frontier and Spirit are the budget airlines flying between Baltimore and Las Vegas. You can generally get tickets for under 200 Dollars. Even among these, Frontier provides flights with layovers to Vegas, and Spirit offers continuous flights. Look up all the details for deals & offers and inclusions in the price you choose before making your ticket reservations.

5. Can I get direct (nonstop) flights from Baltimore to Las Vegas?

Ans: Although the route is very popular, Baltimore to Las Vegas direct flights are scarce. Only Spirit and Southwest regularly run non stop flights from BWI to LAS. Most flights are connecting through Denver International or Houston George Bush International. You can quickly get a connecting flight to Las Vegas from Baltimore; it adds about 3 hours to the travel on average.

6. What are the popular attractions in Las Vegas?

Ans: The Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as the Las Vegas Strip, is the home to the most infamous activities of Las Vegas. It concentrates the Casinos, the gambling, the food, and the drinking in one strip of land. And it is generally considered a must-visit when in Vegas.

7. How many airports are there in Las Vegas?

Ans: Las Vegas only has one commercial airport. This is the Harry Reid International Airport.

8. Can I book a flight from Baltimore to Las Vegas at the Last minute?

Ans: You can easily find last minute flights from Baltimore to Las Vegas despite the heavy traffic on this route. However, nonstop flights are a rarity on this route and, therefore, are less likely to be available, and you may need to book a flight to Vegas with layovers.

9. Can I get cheap flight tickets from Baltimore to Las Vegas on FlightsMojo for under $100?

Ans: You can get Baltimore to Las Vegas airline tickets for under 100 USD. One way tickets to Vegas can be found on Spirit and Frontier Airlines for under $100. For the Baltimore to Vegas round trip, we offer rates under $200.

10. Why use Flightsmojo?

Ans: FlightsMojo is a reliable and trusted IATA-certified travel agency. We search the internet for the best prices on any route you want to fly on and get you the best deals and discounts. Our team works tirelessly to bring you excellent last minute plane tickets.

Airport information

BALTIMORE Airport information

Airport : Baltimore


Address : Baltimore, MD 21240, United States

LAS VEGAS Airport information

Airport : Mccarran International


Address : 5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119