Fort Myers to Cleveland Plane Tickets:

With FlightsMojo, you can find the lowest fares on the air route. The cheapest tickets to Cleveland from Fort Myers are available for booking on our website. There are loads of flights and airlines to choose from, but it is a moderately popular route. There are hundreds of flying options available weekly and with an abundance of choices. Hurry now to lock in your share of deals and offers for your airline reservations.


Fort Myers to Cleveland Airline Route Information


There are many options to choose from on the RSW to CLE air route. There is plenty of Passenger traffic on this air route, and multiple operating airlines fly this route. You could fly with notable carriers like American, Delta, Frontier, United, Spirit, and Southwest Airlines. To get a direct flight to Cleveland, fly with Frontier or United. Flights start taking off from 5 AM on both sides. And end before midnight. It is therefore essential that you book in advance as last minute flights are difficult to find. And there are no Red Eye flights to Cleveland from Fort Myers. Due to the diversity of options, you could choose from various cabins to fly in from several types of economy and first class. Book your plane tickets to Cleveland right now to avoid a last minute rush. 


Airline details for RSW to CLE Airport route: The most common flights on the RSW to CLE airline route are from American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, and United Airlines. For non stop flights to Cleveland, use Frontier or American Airlines. Other carriers on this route only offer flying choices with layovers. Due to this, it is best to find flights from RSW to CLE in advance to find a schedule that works for you and has the shortest layover. Direct flights sell out much faster than connecting flights to Cleveland


Distance between Fort Myers and Cleveland: There is a 1024-aerial mile gap between Fort Myers and Cleveland airports. This is much shorter than the terrestrial distance of 1211 miles. The drive time is over 18 hours, while a direct airline choice conveys the distance in 3 hours only. For direct flights to Cleveland, travel via Frontier or American Airlines. 


Flight ticket prices and other details: Return tickets on the Cleveland Fort Myers route can be purchased for around $200. You may find one way tickets for 100 USD. Direct tickets can average 100 dollars more than connecting tickets, so if budget is a concern, you can pick a flight with a layover. Booking in advance also gives better deals and discounted rates than booking last minute tickets to Cleveland. Spirit and Frontier Airlines offer budget tickets with fewer inclusions on this route, so check all terms before booking. 


About Cleveland:

The City of Cleveland in Ohio, USA, is far from the dull expectations people have from the state of Ohio. It is a cultural hub and hosts many cultural institutions. The Great Lakes Science Center, the magical Cleveland Orchestra, the Cleveland Museum of Art, Severance Music Center, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Playhouse Square, the Cleveland Public Library, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are some of these cultural landmarks. The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Cleveland Botanical Garden, Lakeview Cemetery, and Greater Cleveland Aquarium also showcase the city’s love for and connection with nature. To experience these attractions for yourself, book your ticket to Cleveland now. Or, if you would like to visit the capital of Ohio, your flights to Columbus Airport await you right here.   


Fort Myers as a City:

The largest city in Lee County, Florida, is Fort Myers. It is named after Colonel Myers and the fort that was built while establishing the European settlement in Florida. The fort no longer stands, but the city keeps its memory alive in its name. It is also called the City of Palms, thanks to the abundance of this plant in the town. An interesting fact about this name is that the city didn’t initially have a single palm; the first 200 or so were donated to the town by Thomas Edison! When he wasn’t busy collecting patents in New York, he spent his winters in his winter home in Fort Myers. If you would also like to be inspired by the impressive footsteps of Edison, delay not and book your flights to Fort Myers


Fort Myers to Cleveland Flights Connectivity:

To track the Fort Myers to Cleveland Flights Connectivity, use the Flightsmojo platform. Our algorithm considers your inputs and needs and finds the cheapest flight to Cleveland for your travel days. We can help you find a last minute airline ticket or a connecting flight whenever you need it. So do not delay your bookings; use our website to book your air tickets now.    


1. How do you get the cheapest airline tickets from Fort Myers to Cleveland?

Ans: The air route from Fort Myers to Cleveland is a costly one. But to get the cheapest tickets to Cleveland, you can book with FlightsMojo. We find the lowest available airfares for your date of travel and provide you with the most suitable option.

2. What is the distance between Fort Myers and Cleveland?

Ans: Fort Myers to Cleveland is 1211 miles, which is shortened to 1024 aerial miles by plane.

3. How long is a flight from Fort Myers to Cleveland?

Ans: A direct flight from Fort Myers to Cleveland is about 3 hours long. Depending on the length of the layover, the connecting air tickets to Cleveland can be from 4 to 35 hours long. A drive is about 18 hours of continuous driving time, so it is best to consider all options before booking.

4. Which popular airlines offer cheap plane tickets from Fort Myers to Cleveland?

Ans: Frontier and Spirit Airlines are the popular budget airlines on this air route that offer cheap plane tickets from Fort Myers to Cleveland. You may get return tickets for under $200. With American and Delta Airlines, round trips can be made for about 250 USD. Prices depend

5. Can I get direct (nonstop) flights from Fort Myers to Cleveland?

Ans: There are many options for direct flights to Cleveland from Fort Myers. Only two airlines provide regular flights, but they fly out across the length of the day. United and Frontier Airlines are the two non stop flights from Fort Myers to Cleveland.

6. What are the popular attractions in Cleveland?

Ans: There are many things to do in Cleveland. You could visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Aquarium, The Cleveland Museum of Art, West Side Market, the Cleveland Orchestra, and the Cleveland Public Library. You can also try the cuisine, which is a blend of heritage from the German, Irish, and Polish settlers.

7. How many airports are there in Cleveland?

Ans: There are two airports in Cleveland- the Hopkins International Airport, CLE, and the Cuyahoga County, CGF.

8. Can I book a flight from Fort Myers to Cleveland at the Last minute?

Ans: Due to the low passenger traffic on the RSW to CLE air route, you can find last minute tickets to Cleveland with relatively lower difficulty. If you are unable to find tickets, FlightsMojo is here to assist you.

9. Can I get cheap flight tickets from Fort Myers to Cleveland on FlightsMojo for under $100?

Ans: Round trip tickets to Cleveland from Fort Myers for under $100 are rare to find. If you book through Flightsmojo, you might be able to find one way tickets to Cleveland for about $100. These may be connecting flights, as direct flights are much pricier on this route.

10. Why use Flightsmojo?

Ans: FlightsMojo is a trusted online travel portal for booking the cheapest flight tickets on air routes of your choice. We have been certified by IATA and are well-recommended by our customers.

Airport information

FORT MYERS Airport information

Airport : Southwest Florida Regional


Address : 11000 Terminal Access Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33913

CLEVELAND Airport information

Airport : Hopkins Int


Address : 5300 Riverside Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135