Fort Myers to Las Vegas Plane Tickets:

With FlightsMojo, you can find the cheapest Fort Myers to Las Vegas flight tickets. This airline route is well-frequented, with over a thousand weekly commutes. This leads to a variety of options to choose to fly in. You can get many cheap plane tickets from Fort Myers to Vegas with better rates and offers. To help you find the lowest rates and fares, we shortlist from the internet and show you the best flight for your route. Hurry now and make your flight booking today to avail more discounted airfares and deals!


Fort Myers to Las Vegas Airline Route Information

The airline route from Fort Myers to Vegas has heavy passenger traffic. The most popular airlines on this flying route are American, Breeze, JetBlue, Southwest, Sun Country Air, and United Airlines. You can get budget tickets to Vegas with Delta, Frontier, or Spirit Airlines for affordable or economical rates. Despite the heavy traffic, there are very few direct airline tickets to Las Vegas from Fort Myers. Breeze provides these airline tickets and tends to sell out much in advance. There are many connecting flights with minimum layover times, so that you can book flights with layovers to Vegas. Usually, the first flights from RSW to LAS take off at 5:30 AM and stay up until 10:30 PM. You cannot get a Red Eye flight from RSW to LAS. On the return flight, you can pick a plane at any hour of the day. Always check the services and amenities provided by your airline before booking.  


Airline details for RSW to LAS Airport route: There are several flights on the Fort Myers’ Southwest Florida International Airport to Harry Reid International air route. With Breeze Airlines, you can get direct flying services, which sell out in advance due to high demand. You can certainly find a connecting flight to Vegas with all other domestic airlines. For more details, search RSW to LAS airline information and get all the details.  


Distance between Fort Myers and Las Vegas: Fort Myers to Las Vegas airports are 2070 air miles away. A direct flight on this line takes about 330 minutes or 5 hours and 30 minutes. On the other hand, driving is a longer route, with 2442 miles and a 36-hour drive time. Therefore, booking a nonstop plane ticket to Vegas provided by Breeze or any airline with a short layover is preferable.


Flight ticket prices and other details: Round trip tickets from Fort Myers to Las Vegas are available under $250 online. Return plane tickets to Vegas can cost under 200 USD on certain occasions. Still, these rates fluctuate in accordance with current trends and depend on many variables, such as which airline is chosen or what cabin one is flying in. One way airline tickets to Vegas are more expensive to book. It is always recommended to book early and in advance as last minute flights RSW to LAS are more costly and only sometimes available on an airline of your choice. Before making your booking, read all the policies of the chosen airline. Carry-on or check-in baggage may be at an extra cost on budget airlines. 


About Las Vegas:

Las Vegas, Nevada, is arguably among the most famous cities in the world. It has many nicknames due to its global image as the world’s entertainment capital. It is called Sin City, The Desert Oasis, Adult Disneyland, and much more. The city also has an iconic neon image that is not an accident. This neon aesthetic has been curated and maintained so well that Veags’s neon glow is visible from the International Space Station at night! The city even has a neon museum called the Neon Boneyard to commemorate all the retired signs of the past. Las Vegas takes its connection to history seriously indeed. Every year at a formal event, Many skydivers dress up as Elvis and then skydive out of planes in a tribute to the legend of music. The city also has a pinball hall of fame where it stores out-of-date and out-of-use arcade games to appreciate an essential era in fun and entertainment. So jump onto your nearest Las Vegas flight and make your way to the city of fun. 


Fort Myers as a City:

Fort Myers is the largest town in Lee County, Florida. It was named after the fort built by Colonel Abraham Myers, and although the fort is no longer standing, the name continues with his legacy. The most famous thing to come out of Fort Myers may be Thomas Edison’s winter home, which is open to the public for sightseeing. Edison is also credited with causing the city to be nicknamed The City of Palms because he donated the first 200 palms to the town. One of the most exciting things about Fort Myers is that the SA Feather company located in the city is responsible for making the Boas and Headdresses of Vegas showgirls. So, if you’re interested in flying to Vegas in style with these feathery costumes, book your Fort Myers to Vegas flights now. 


Fort Myers to Las Vegas Flight Connectivity:

Fort Myers to Las Vegas air travel connectivity is easy to track with FlightsMojo. We find the cheapest plane tickets from RSW to LAS. Whether you need one way or return tickets, we have your back. And since direct airlines are rare, we help you get the most convenient connecting plane tickets to Vegas. With our site, you can find the vessel that most suits your needs.  


1. How do you get the cheapest airline tickets from Fort Myers to Las Vegas?

Ans: To get the cheapest air tickets, it is crucial to select your dates and book in advance. For the best prices, always search on FlightsMojo as we compare all available rates and show you the best one. We have some of the lowest fares from Fort Myers to Vegas. Using credit cards also helps reduce prices.

2. What is the distance between Fort Myers and Las Vegas?

Ans: Fort Myers to Las Vegas is 2442 Miles apart. This distance is 2070 air miles on this path.

3. How long is a flight from Fort Myers to Las Vegas?

Ans: There is only one nonstop flight, which lasts 5 hours and 23 minutes. For most regular carriers, there is no exact minimum duration of a flight from Fort Myers to Las Vegas. Connecting flights to LAS can be as short as 8 hours, with layovers just over an hour.

4. Which popular airlines offer cheap plane tickets from Fort Myers to Las Vegas?

Ans: The cheapest flights from RSW to LAS are flown by Spirit, Delta, and American Airlines. Frontier also provides affordable fares from RSW to LAS. Fares provided are dependent on the time of booking and airline schedules.

5. Can I get direct (nonstop) flights from Fort Myers to Las Vegas?

Ans: There are no regular direct flights from Fort Myers to Las Vegas. The RSW to LAS air route has one nonstop flight. Breeze Airline provides direct options on this route sometimes. However, there are multiple airlines providing flights with single layovers.

6. What are the popular attractions in Las Vegas?

Ans: In Las Vegas, the casinos, bars, and luxury resorts are concentrated in an area called the Las Vegas Boulevard or the Las Vegas Strip. It provides the epitome of the Las Vegas experience and is a must-visit.

7. How many airports are there in Las Vegas?

Ans: The Harry Reid International Airport is Las Vegas’s only commercial airport.

8. Can I book a flight from Fort Myers to Las Vegas at the Last minute?

Ans: The Fort Myers to Las Vegas airline route is ubiquitous, and it is easy to find tickets. Even at the last minute, tickets are available. Urgent RSW to LAS plane tickets are more expensive, so it is better to book in advance.

9. Can I get cheap flight tickets from Fort Myers to Las Vegas on FlightsMojo for under $100?

Ans: Plane tickets from Fort Myers to Vegas are available for under $100. You can get one way air tickets to Vegas for around 100 USD and return air tickets for under $200 on our website. Prices are subject to availability and may not always be available.

10. Why use Flightsmojo?

Ans: FlightsMojo is an IATA-certified travel agency trusted among travelers for the lowest fares in the market and the reliability to find good last minute flight deals.

Airport information

FORT MYERS Airport information

Airport : Southwest Florida Regional


Address : 11000 Terminal Access Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33913

LAS VEGAS Airport information

Airport : Mccarran International


Address : 5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119