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    Cheap flights from Phoenix (PHX) to Chicago (ORD):

    Get low-cost airline tickets from Phoenix to Chicago online. All cheap Phoenix to Chicago flights are available here. Various airline platforms, liFke American, Frontier, and others, sell relatively low flight tickets between Phoenix and Chicago. Request your PHX to ORD flight bookings today! Visit Flightsmojo for more information.


    About Chicago:

    Chicago is an exciting and vibrant city full of culture, history, and entertainment. With its numerous attractions and landmarks, it's no wonder why it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, flying to Chicago is a great option. With numerous flights available from all over the world, it's easy to find one that fits your budget and schedule. So if you're looking for a great way to explore this fantastic city, consider booking a flight to Chicago today! Buy direct flights from Phoenix to Chicago at discounted airfare on the PHX to ORD flight route.


    Best Travel Time to Chicago:

    Chicago is at its most gorgeous during the summer. That's because the city is festive due to the beautiful sunny weather. April through May, alongside September and October, are ideal months to visit Chicago. Plan your cheapest Phoenix to Chicago flight accordingly and get cheap airplane tickets from Phoenix to Chicago.


    Chicago Airport:

    With eight runways and around 2000 operations per day, Chicago O'Hare Airport is the sixth airport in the country. O'Hare International Airport is based 17 miles northwest of Chicago and is also known as Chicago Airport. The airport serves as a hub for Southwest, Frontier, American, and Alaska Airlines. There are just a few direct flights from Phoenix to Chicago. However, there are multiple connecting flights available for passenger convenience. Plan your trip from Phoenix to Chicago carefully.

    FAQs About Flights From PHOENIX To CHICAGO

    1. How to get the cheapest airline tickets from Phoenix to Chicago?

    Ans: Look for flights that meet your schedule on the website of your chosen airline or travel agent; before purchasing tickets, request your service provider whether they can find cheap flights from Phoenix to Chicago. Your PHX to ORD plane tickets will almost probably be discounted.

    2. Phoenix to Chicago flight time and distance?

    Ans: The distance between Phoenix (PHX) and Chicago (ORD) airports is almost 1451 miles. Travelers can fly from Phoenix to Chicago in 5-10 hours with one or more PHX and ORD airport stopovers. You can go with direct flights from Phoenix to Chicago within 3.5 hours.

    3. Which are the popular airlines offering cheap plane tickets from Phoenix to Chicago?

    Ans: Check the following airlines to book plane tickets from Phoenix to Chicago: United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, and Alaska Airlines.

    4. What time does the first flight leave Phoenix for Chicago?

    Ans: Early morning flights from Phoenix to Chicago depart at 06:06 am. The last Chicago flight of the day takes off at 11:59 pm.

    5. Which are the major airports near Chicago?

    Ans: Following are the major airports in Chicago 1)Midway International Airport (MDW) 2)O'Hare International Airport (ORD)

    6. What are the top tourist attractions in Chicago?

    Ans: Visit the tourist places in Chicago mentioned below: 1)Art Institute of Chicago 2)Take a walk through Millennium Park 3)Visit Adler Planetarium 4)Visit Willis Tower Skydeck

    7. What is the cheapest time to fly to Chicago?

    Ans: Buy cheap plane tickets from Phoenix to Chicago in February to use the perks and benefits of the special discounts the airlines and OTAs provide and book Chicago flights at the cheap airfare offered.

    8. Can I fly from Phoenix to Chicago at the Last minute?

    Ans: Tourists may try to get low-cost last minute flights from Phoenix to Chicago. You might ask if there are any last-minute offers on Phoenix to Chicago airplane tickets. You only need to contact your travel agent or airline.

    9. Why use Flightsmojo?

    Ans: Flightsmojo seeks to deliver the finest possible traveling services to its consumers. If you are looking for better deals and the cheapest airline tickets from Phoenix to Chicago, don't hesitate to contact our customer care.

    10. Can I get cheap flight tickets from Phoenix to Chicago on Flightsmojo for under $100?

    Ans: Cheap flights from Phoenix to Chicago are available on the websites of various airlines, including Sun Country, Frontier, and others. To discover more about cheap flights under $100, visit Flightsmojo.

    Airport information

    PHOENIX Airport information

    Airport : Sky Harbor Intl

    IATA Code : PHX

    Address : Phoenix, AZ 85034

    CHICAGO Airport information

    Airport : O Hare Intl

    IATA Code : ORD

    Address : Chicago, IL 60666