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Best Fare Deals from Los Angeles to Hawaii

    LOS ANGELES to HAWAII Flight Info

    • Cheapest AirlinesDELTA AIRLINES
    • Today Best Fare$119

    Los Angeles to Hawaii Plane Tickets:

    Flightsmojo provides you with the best experience in air travel, and we make sure to come up with the best offers on your air ticket booking. Whether a direct flight or a round trip from Los Angeles to Hawaii, we ensure you have a safe and satisfactory trip. So book your Los Angeles to Hawaii flight ticket today and make your journey hassle-free with our best offers.


    Book your Los Angeles to Hawaii Plane Tickets with Flightsmojo:


    We help you to get the best flight option at lowest prices with all the available airline tickets from Los Angeles to Hawaii. Book your air ticket from Los Angeles to Hawaii today, avail yourself of the accessible deals and discounts of the day, and get your desired flights at considerable and affordable rates. Flightmojo makes sure that your booking of one way tickets from Los Angeles to Hawaii remains hasslefree as well as your flight journey remains comfortable. With the help of our 24-hour available customer support provider, we make sure to answer all your queries as quickly as possible. Our easy-to-access website helps you understand and select the best deals of the day on your airline ticket from Los Angeles to Hawaii.

    About Hawaii:


    Hawaii is an island state in the west of the USA. Located in the Central Pacific Ocean, this state has several natural beaches with different colors of sand, from blue, red, green, and yellow. Known to the world for its beautiful untouched beaches, this volcanic island group has significant and unique attractions for everyone. Honolulu is a beautiful city famous as the capital of Hawaii and has several must-visit places in the city. Some of them are here for you to add to your list: Maui, Kauai, Diamond Head, and Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. However, Oahu is one of Hawaii's most visited and famous islands. Hawaii experiences high temperatures between March and September, so that you can visit during these months for a better travel experience. Being covered with the ocean from all sides, Hawaii mostly has moderate temperatures throughout the year. You can visit anytime here by booking cheap round trips from Los Angeles to Hawaii with Flightsmojo. 


    Some Famous Places which you must visit in Hawaii include: 


    Honolulu: Known as the capital city of Hawaii, Honolulu is one of the best urban settlements in Hawaii. This well-established city with sky-touching mountains has the best calm ocean view. You must visit the city at least once in your life and enjoy the scenic water view and seafood. 


    Hilo: Known as one of the largest and most scenic cities of Hawaii. You might doubt your capabilities to travel to this most significant city in a day but worry less because the whole city is covered with natural beauty and fountains and local food stalls and cafes. So, even visiting one corner of Hilo is more than enough. Spend your day between nature and dense forest, and go for short trekking or just sit beside the ocean. 


    Kailua Kona: One of the tourist attractions, Kailua Kona City is known as a tourist city in Hawaii. This commerce city of Hawaii was once known as the fishing center of Hawaii. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this city to experience and witness the volcanic range and enjoy fun activities like sea diving, night diving, farming, and farm tours. 


    Lahaina: Lahaina is one of the most famous cities in Hawaii. Experience some of the most picturesque landscapes of the world, and take the best picture of your life. The one reason that has attracted millions of tourists to Lahaina is the whale sighting. So, if you are in Hawaii, go for whale sightings in Lahaina.


    Los Angeles as a city:


    Los Angeles, known as one of the most populated cities in the USA, is located in California. Near the Gulf of California, this coastal city is not only a tourist attraction but also the home for all American and international celebrities and film stars, as Hollywood is in Los Angeles. This palace attracts everyone for its Disneyland Park, Santa Monica Pier, County Museum of Art, and beautiful sky-touching Skyscrapers. Griffith Observatory is also one of the major tourist places. LA is a center for fast fashion, enchanting architecture, and several outstanding beaches. This place is apt for food lovers: Chilli Cheese, Hot dogs, Pastrami sandwiches, Cheeseburger, Fries, and the list for food lovers will never end. Even though you are always welcome in this city any time of the day, Spring and Autumn are considered the best times of the year when this city is flooded with many beaches and food lovers. So make sure to book your LAX to HNL flight today. 


    Some must-visit places in Los Angeles are:


    The Hollywood Walk of Fame: Known to the whole world, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Los Angeles. Get to witness hundreds of names written in embedded stars on the sidewalk. This road is almost 2,000 meters long, so if you are in LA, make sure to take a walk around this road and see if you can come across the name of your favorite star. 


    Natural History Museum of Los Angeles:  Come and visit this astounding museum related to natural science and feed your curiosity. One of the best and most recommended places to be visited while being in LA with your children, The Natural History Museum is known for its all-natural bioscience specimens, from extinct species to the ones alive on the planets at the present time. Also, get to experience the hands-on exhibits to know more about your field of interest.


    The Farmers Market: One of the well-known places to visit when you are in Los Angeles. Get the best fresh vegetables and fruits right out from the farms and enjoy a soothing and calm walk around the market. You can also come across many shops related to articles, household stuff, and clothes. However, you can also look forward to the best food stalls, cooking delicious food with fresh and healthy farm vegetables.


    Santa Monica Beach:  The Beach is the most visited beach in LA. Consider this beach as the largest and most astounding one in the coastal city of LA. You can look forward to a soothing and relaxed evening walk alongside the beach. You can also buy some beer or cafe as per your preference from the shops located along the coastline of the beach. So you can also enjoy a fun and relaxed time on Santa Monica Beach with your friends. Hence, book your Los Angeles to Hawaii air ticket today with Flightsmojo.


    Los Angeles to Hawaii Flights Connectivity:


    For your hassle-free air travel from Los Angeles Airport (LAX) to Hawaii Airport (HNL), Flightsmojo takes care of your ticket requirements and makes sure to help you select the best and cheapest airfare and route. We make sure to make your journey satisfactory from the very beginning. Prepare beforehand for better air travel on your Los Angeles to Hawaii direct flight by checking the best deals you can get through your airline or travel agent while booking your Los Angeles to Hawaii plane tickets. 


    Things to remember before booking your Los Angeles to Hawaii flight:


    Flightmojo makes sure that no customer faces any trouble while booking Los Angeles to Hawaii airplane tickets and while traveling. However, we would like to suggest some ways through which you can easily make your air travel comfortable and enjoyable. Check for all the policies of the airline you are going to travel with, since who knows, and you might come across any policy that the airline has designed just for you. So, make sure to go through the airline policy. Pack your bags according to the luggage policy of the airlines to avoid last-minute trouble. You can look forward to any reward points or miles which you can use to avail waiver on your cheap flights from Los Angeles to Hawaii. 

    FAQs About Flights From LOS ANGELES To HAWAII

    1. How to get the cheapest Los Angeles to Hawaii Airlines tickets?

    Ans: You can check our website for air tickets from Los Angeles to Hawaii. All you need to do is to search for the name of the city from where you want to depart and the city you want to visit, and then look forward to the best prices according to your budget and time availability.

    2. What is the distance between Los Angeles to Hawaii?

    Ans: 2,556 miles is the air distance between Los Angeles to Hawaii.

    3. What is the average flight duration from Los Angeles to Hawaii?

    Ans: The direct flight will take 5.5-6 hours from Los Angeles to Hawaii.

    4. Which are the popular airlines offering cheap plane tickets from Los Angeles to Hawaii?

    Ans: JetBlue, Allegiant, Frontier, Alaska, and American Airlines are some of the major Airlines where you can search for the best deals and cheap flight tickets from Los Angeles to Hawaii.

    5. Are there any direct flights from Los Angeles to Hawaii?

    Ans: All the airlines offer nonstop flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii routes as well as connecting flight routes. However, you may have to spend more on direct flights than on connecting flights. Otherwise, you can easily find many options for direct flights; make sure to make a prior booking to avoid last minute rush.

    6. What are some popular tourist attractions in Hawaii?

    Ans: Some major places to visit include: Visit Hilo for a relaxing time, Visit The Garden Isle Kauai, Visit Oahu for beautiful, lively gatherings, Visit Hilo, the largest city in Hawaii

    7. Which are the major airports near Hawaii?

    Ans: Following are the major airports in Hawaii: Honolulu International Airport (MDW), Kahului Airport (OGG), Lihue Airport (LIH)

    8. Can I take a flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii at the Last minute?

    Ans: Our priority is to provide a last minute flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii booking without any inconvenience to our customers. You can go to the website and book your tickets with the best last minute deals on Hawaii flights by yourself or seek our customer support.

    9. Can I get cheap flight tickets from Los Angeles to Hawaii on Flightsmojo for under $100?

    Ans: Flightsmojo provides you with the best service possible to get you cheaper booking rates under your desired limit. You can avail of all the deals delivered to you on our website. Stay in touch with all updated policies and benefits we provide on our website.

    10. Why use Flightsmojo?

    Ans: Flightsmojo considers it responsible for ensuring all its customers timely and satisfactory service. We understand your needs, so make sure to buy your Hawaii airplane tickets with hassle-free experience.

    Airport information

    LOS ANGELES Airport information

    Airport : Los Angeles Intl

    IATA Code : LAX

    Address : Los Angeles, CA 90045

    HAWAII Airport information

    Airport : Honolulu Int'l

    IATA Code : HNL

    Address : Honolulu, HI 96819