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Best Fare Deals from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

    LOS ANGELES to LAS VEGAS Flight Info

    • Cheapest AirlinesJETBLUE
    • Today Best Fare$55

    Flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas:

    Los Angeles is a coastal city in California, and Las Vegas is another city in America located in Nevada. Pack your bags and visit these two cities lying close to each other yet so much different in their cultural aspects. For the lovers and explorers of Las Vegas and Los Angeles, the good news is that Flightsmojo is providing a low price on each booking of your plane ticket from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. We have the best deals and discount offers on each air ticket you book from our website. Get your airfare deal sealed in a short time frame. Book a roundtrip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas today and save your time and money both with us. Travel the two most popular cities in America by making your flight reservation as early as possible.


    Book your Los Angeles to Las Vegas Plane Tickets with Flightsmojo:

    Were you searching for a cheap One way ticket from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and finding the search process tiring and time-consuming? Worry less and visit the website of Flightsmojo. We provide you with the best deals on each flight ticket you book with us. Moreover, you can easily get better deals and discounts, as we always have some offers for our customers to avail of any time of the day they book air tickets. So, if you are looking for a low cost Los Angeles to Los Vegas flight ticket, OTA must be your one stop destination for all your worries. If you encounter any issue related to your air ticket from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, then you can contact our 24-hour available customer support providers. They ensure that you get solutions to all your doubts in a timely manner. 


    About Las Vegas:

    Las Vegas is a beautiful city, lying in a subtropical climatic region. This deserted city ensures you can spend your cold winter vacation in some hot, deserted landscape. Some of the most fun places in Las Vegas, Nevada, are Mount Charleston, Hoover Dam Bypass, The Neon Museum, Madame Tussauds, Titanic Artifact Exhibition, Stratosphere Tower, and High Roller. Moreover, trying the best dishes and cuisines of Las Vegas would help you to know more about the culture and geographical influence of Vegas. Try Lasagna, Fried Chicken, Carbonara, Shrimp, Sushi Cupcakes, and Spicy Shrimp. So, please don't delay your plan for a Vegas trip, and book a direct flight to Las Vegas today on our website.


    Los Angeles as a City: 

    Situated east of the North Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles is a coastal city famous for its Hollywood vibes and scenic beaches. There are many favorite places in Los Angeles. Some of them you must visit while on your trip to the city are The Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica, Petersen Automotive Museum, and Venice Beach. Apart from enjoying the authentic seafood of Los Angeles, visit the marketplaces, especially the well-known Farmer's Market. 


    Los Angeles to Las Vegas Flights Connectivity:

    Looking for Los Angeles to Las Vegas airline connectivity is easy with online platforms. We help you find the best flight connectivity option available at the lowest deal. To make you visit different places in Vegas on time is what we aim at as an Online Travel Agency. Moreover, you can quickly look forward to all the flight deals related to cabin classes, flight connectivity, and flight duration. You can also book your airplane ticket according to your choice of a connection or non stop flight, whichever is most suitable and convenient for you. On online travel agencies, you can easily look forward to the best deals on flight connectivity from Los Angeles to Vegas. So, for a hassle-free flight journey, you can trust us with the right solutions to all your queries. 


    Things to remember before booking your Los Angeles to Las Vegas flight:

    Flightsmojo ensures that your flight travel remains hassle-free and comfortable so that you can arrive at your destination as per your scheduled time without any trouble. In making your flight journey hassle-free, we would like to suggest some crucial steps that you must take before starting your journey. Make sure to compare all the airline fares so that you can grab the cheapest as well as the best deal for yourself as you desire. Also, make sure to go through the terms and conditions of the airline related to cancellation or any changes you make in your ticket booking of Los Angeles to Las Vegas flights. Going through the policy of the airline you are traveling with is also a good initiative to ensure that your travel journey remains trouble-free. In case of any doubt, you have to always remember to contact the customer support center of the concerned airline you are traveling with.

    FAQs About Flights From LOS ANGELES To LAS VEGAS

    1. Can I buy cheapest Los Angeles to Las Vegas Airlines tickets?

    Ans: Flightsmojo provides cheap Los Angeles to Las Vegas air tickets. Make sure to go through all the deals and offers on each ticket booking we provide. You can also compare the airfare of different airlines to grab the best flight ticket deal.

    2. What is the distance between Los Angeles and Las Vegas?

    Ans: 242 miles is the air distance between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

    3. What is the flight duration from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

    Ans: The direct flight will take 46-50 minutes from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

    4. Which popular airlines offer cheap airline tickets from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

    Ans: JetBlue, Alaska, Allegiant, Frontier, and American Airlines are some well-known Airlines in case you are looking for the best flight ticket deals from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

    5. Are there any direct flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

    Ans: All the airlines offer direct flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas airports, as well as layover flight options. A direct flight always costs more than a layover or connecting flight. You can avoid paying a high amount for direct flying services by simply making bookings a month prior to your departure.

    6. What are the popular attractions in Las Vegas?

    Ans: Some major places to visit include The Neon Museum, Madame Tussauds, Mount Charleston, Titanic Artifact Exhibition, and Hoover Dam Bypass.

    7. Which are the major airports near Las Vegas?

    Ans: The following are the major airports in Las Vegas: Harry Reid International Airport(LAS), LA/Ontario International Airport(ONT), and Boulder City Municipal Airport(BLD)

    8. Can I book a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas at Last minute?

    Ans: Get your last minute Los Angeles to Las Vegas flight tickets without much hassle on Flightsmojo. Though last minute flights are supposed to be pretty expensive, we make sure that on our website, with the best offers, we can help you book a low cost last minute flight.

    9. Can I easily get cheap flight tickets from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Flightsmojo for under $100?

    Ans: You can quickly grab the best deal on plane tickets to Las Vegas from our website under your desired flight rate expectations. However, keep yourself updated with all the new policies and new offers on our website. This way, you can easily avail the best low cost air ticket.

    10. Why use Flightsmojo?

    Ans: Flightsmojo ensures all its customers' safety and hassle-free flight booking experience. Our easy-to-use website helps all customers to book their Las Vegas airline tickets without any trouble. Our 24-hour available customer support providers also do their best to provide solutions to your problems quickly.

    Airport information

    LOS ANGELES Airport information

    Airport : Los Angeles Intl

    IATA Code : LAX

    Address : Las Vegas, NV 89119

    LAS VEGAS Airport information

    Airport : Mccarran International

    IATA Code : LAS

    Address : Los Angeles, CA 90045