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FlightsMojo gives flight tickets from LA to Cincinnati at the lowest fares. We take your search parameters and bring you the lowest charges and which airline provides them to make your experience most enjoyable. We list all airline tickets from Los Angeles to Cincinnati. There are a number of flights from Los Angeles to Cincinnati, and you can get many options for cabin type, low airfares range, etc. when booking. Start your search now and look for online air tickets from LA to Cincinnati. 


Los Angeles to Cincinnati Airline Route Information


The air route from LA to Cincinnati is covered by many well-known airlines. American Airlines, Breeze Airways, Delta, Southwest, and United are classic airlines flying this route. Budget airlines like Frontier and Spirit Airlines are also available. A direct flight from Los Angeles to Cincinnati lasts, on average, just above 4 hours. This can increase to 6 hours with a single layover at Dallas Fort Worth. Always check your layover details and time before booking. The drive time to Cincinnati is 31 hours continuous, so air travel is the most convenient option. Search for direct or connecting flights From LA to Cincinnati now. Stopover flights are a better option when traveling on a budget. They cost much less than nonstop flights, and a short layover is also convenient. Moreover, as direct flying options sell out in advance, connecting flights are a good option for urgent bookings.   


Airline details for LAX to CVG Airport route: Look up Cincinnati flight schedules for up-to-date information on all air journeys from LA to CVG. Enter Cincinnati in the destination tab, LA in the ‘from’ tab, and select your travel dates. Enter both departure and return dates to get prices for return tickets from LA to Cincinnati. There are loads of vessels to choose from, and you can quickly get last minute flight tickets if they are not sold out. Red eye flight tickets are also available on this route, which typically take off from LA from 12:30 AM till 12 midnight every day. 


Distance between Los Angeles and Cincinnati: Cincinnati, Ohio, and Los Angeles, California, are 2175 Miles away from each other. The shortest distance between them is via flight, which is 1895 Miles long. Flights from Los Angeles to Cincinnati are the quickest way to travel on this route. A nonstop flight to Cincinnati takes about 4 hours to complete the journey. The four-hour airline service to Cincinnati is a huge convenience compared to the 31 hours of continuous driving. Travelers prefer booking plane tickets to Cincinnati over driving to reduce travel time. 


Flight ticket prices and other details: Plane ticket prices from LA to Cincinnati can cost as low as 200 dollars for a round trip. Varied rates are available based on what day of the week is being booked, with weekend tickets costing more than weekday tickets. Red eye flights are also cheaper than regular flights due to odd flying hours. Booking in advance can further reduce your overall cost. Booking round trip tickets at once is more economical than booking one way tickets to Cincinnati and LA separately. Airlines reduce the ticket rates for round trips. Depending upon the airline chosen, economy round trips can easily average 500 USD, so it is best to compare all available rates and book according to your needs and budget. 


About Cincinnati:


The state of Ohio often gets a reputation as boring and a place where nothing happens, but Cincinnati does not fit the bill. It is Ohio’s most populated metropolitan city. It was named after the founders of the town, who called themselves Cincinnati in honor of Cincinnatus, a Roman hero. Today, the city is well known for its breweries and architecture in the Over-The-Rhine district. There is also the Findlay Market, which is famous for its craft and food vendors. Tourists can also go to the Botanical Garden and the Cincinnati Zoo. Cincinnati also hosts a Museum center that displays historical, scientific, and artistic relics, with work spanning over 6000 years. If you are an enthusiast of history or art, the city of Cincinnati is here to entertain. So delay not; book a low cost airline ticket to Cincinnati now.


Los Angeles as a City:


Los Angeles, the largest metropolitan city in California, is a city of many names. The town is called the Angel City or the City of Angels. This is a shortened and translated version of the original name of the city- “The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels on the River Porciúncula.” In regular conversation, you will hear people calling Los Angeles, LA. This is what the residents of the city call it. It is also called La La Land because the famous movie La La Land was filmed here. Due to the abundance of the local fruit all across the city, it is also termed The Big Orange. This is a nod to New York being called The Big Apple. The famous East Coast- West Coast rivalry continues in the naming of cities. Briefly, in the early 1900s, it was also called LotusLand as a reference to Circe’s enchanting Island in Greek Mythology. The name did not stick but was an accurate description of LA, which seems to attract people from all around the world to it. The city is also called Shakey Town due to the many earthquakes that shake it around the year. LA has as many personalities as it has names, and for that reason alone, it is worth visiting. But whether you are traveling for business or leisure, FlightsMojo has the Cheapest Flight tickets to LA. 


Los Angeles to Cincinnati Flights Connectivity:


Air travel Connectivity from Los Angeles to Cincinnati is convenient and easy to track with FlightsMojo. Search LAX to CVG to see all operating airlines. There are various cabin types and flights to Cincinnati to choose from. You could get a round trip to Cincinnati, one way tickets to Cincinnati, and direct air tickets to Cincinnati. We help you find the cheap Cincinnati airplane tickets.


1. Can I buy the cheapest Los Angeles to Cincinnati Airlines tickets?

Ans: It is easy for you to buy low cost air tickets from Los Angeles to Cincinnati whenever you get time to do so. You can find many cheap flight tickets of your desired choice on our website. However, make sure to book the airline ticket at the right time, which is a month prior to your departure date, to get several airfare options for the same flight.

2. What is the air distance between Los Angeles and Cincinnati?

Ans: The air distance between Los Angeles and Cincinnati is 1897 miles.

3. What is the expected flight duration from Los Angeles to Cincinnati?

Ans: The direct flight will take almost 3 hours 45 minutes from Los Angeles to Cincinnati.

4. Which popular airlines offer cheap plane tickets from Los Angeles to Cincinnati?

Ans: The most popular airlines giving low cost airline tickets are Frontier, JetBlue, Alaska, American, and Allegiant Airlines.

5. Are there any direct flights available from Los Angeles to Cincinnati?

Ans: If you are worrying about the availability of any nonstop flights from Los Angeles to Cincinnati, then you should stay carefree since Flightsmojo has made it its priority to provide low cost airfare to its customers on all types of flight connectivity options you look for. So whether it is a direct or layover flight, you can easily find one at lower prices.

6. What are the popular attractions in Cincinnati?

Ans: Some of the most famous places in Cincinnati are the Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati Zoo, Cincinnati Art Museum, and Krohn Conservatory.

7. Which are the major airports near Cincinnati?

Ans: The popular airports near Cincinnati are Port Columbus International Airport (CMH), Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), and James M. Cox Dayton International Airport (DAY).

8. Can I book a flight from Los Angeles to Cincinnati at the Last minute?

Ans: It is easy to book a last minute Los Angeles to Cincinnati flight. Although an instant flight might cost you more than a usual airfare, you can still book a cheap last minute flight with the help of deals and discounts given on our website. You can also keep a trek of your reward points and use them to request a waiver on your current flight ticket prices.

9. Can I easily get cheap flight tickets from Los Angeles to Cincinnati on Flightsmojo for under $100?

Ans: Booking a flight ticket under $100 is not a difficult task. Try to make your booking a month before your scheduled date of departure; this way, you can look for more plane tickets to Cincinnati options with the lowest fare possible. Also, search through the best low cost airfare available on the internet to make a budgetary flight travel expenditure.

10. Why use Flightsmojo?

Ans: Flightsmojo helps you grab the best low cost flight deals by searching through the number of flight fare options available. It makes your search task easy and moreover provides the best deals and discounts to help you avail your desired air ticket at affordable prices. Hence, we make it easier for you to book low cost Cincinnati airline tickets.

Airport information

LOS ANGELES Airport information

Airport : Los Angeles Intl


Address : Los Angeles, CA 90045

CINCINNATI Airport information

Airport : Northern Kentucky Intl


Address : Hebron, KY 41048