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The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is popular among travelers worldwide. The city isn’t just famous for its beautiful landscape or sightseeing. It is also quite renowned for its academics, museums, research institutes, and entertainment venues. Amsterdam is also the prime cultural center of the Netherlands. The town is best known for its culture, canals, and of course, the tasty coffee they offer. The beautiful mansions in the city will leave you amazed. We sure bet you won’t regret a day spent in Amsterdam, and FlightsMojo will ensure you have a pleasant and comfortable journey with a pocket-friendly flight. Check out the website for more details about airline services, flight schedules, duration, airline tickets, etc.

Bicycles Rides

You are probably aware that Amsterdam is one city that prefers bicycles over cars any day. Hence, it is also known as the bicycle capital of the world. Even major politicians and celebrities can be spotted cycling on the road. Sure, there are other cities in the Netherlands where bicycles are the chosen form of vehicle, but Amsterdam has the most bicycle riders in the whole of the Netherlands. You can become part of a bicycle rider in the city, just rent a nice bicycle from a rental and roam around the aesthetically beautiful city. You can easily rent a bicycle for €7-10 per day. Sweet deal, isn’t it? It’s an easy way to travel through the city at your own pace. No traffic problems or higher cab fares. Eco-friendly, health-friendly, and pocket-friendly way to travel.

Anne Frank House

When you are in Amsterdam, how could you not visit the most famous place in the city, the Anne Frank House? The story of the Jewish girl who struggled to avoid the Nazis with her family during World War II was devastating. This is the house where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis. They lived in Amsterdam for two years in a secret annex. But as history tells, the Frank family didn’t survive World War II. But, the beautiful and intelligent girl, Anne Frank, left her diary to tell her story to the world. Later it turned into a museum, where you can see how the Frank family lived and survived for the two years in the hideout. It might be a sad and emotional tour, but a must-have experience for those who love history and museums.

Iconic Canals of Amsterdam

The capital is famous for its beautiful canals. Therefore, it also goes by the Venice of the North. The Keizersgracht, Herengracht, and Prinsengracht create the city's heart and canal network. These canals are almost 400 years old and are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You walk along the canal, read a book or enjoy the view while sipping your coffee. You can also go on boat trips to the canals. There are various boat activities available for tourists to enjoy their time. The canal offers peaceful and sporty activities for all its tourists at a reasonable price. You sure would love the experience. Have a nice day out at magical canals, and book a round trip at the lowest airfare to Amsterdam.

NEMO Science Museum

The largest museum in the Netherlands, NEMO Science Museum, is a must-visit place in Amsterdam. For both kids and adults, the museum has a lot to offer for every age group, including interactive labs. The five-storey building is situated in the Oosterdokseiland neighborhood with over ten divergent exhibition sections. The architecture of this museum makes it look like a vast green ship, which is enough to attract tourists to the building itself. The various exhibitions talk about natural phenomena like the big bang theory, sound, and light. One of the exhibitions even talks about the human brain and how it works. An exciting way to travel, right? Learn while traveling. Hit two birds with one stone. NEMO museum is a haven for science lovers. Do visit the museum when you are in Amsterdam. Come on, book a cheap flight to Amsterdam and know more about scientific inventions.

IJburg Beach

Amsterdam is not all about colorful buildings or museums. The city also has a mesmerizing beach, IJburg Beach. An ideal place for a peaceful yet fun day in the city. Sure, Amsterdam might not be famous for its beaches and more popular for its canals, but IJburg beach is a spot you wouldn’t want to miss during your stay in the city. You can sit by the beach and enjoy the view while reading or drinking. Or, you can go and try the various water sports the beach offers its tourists. You can try flyboarding, one of the famous water sports on the IJburg beach. You try water skiing, surfing, and jet skiing as well. The day will be well spent on the beach with a mix of sporty and relaxing beach activities.

Houseboats and Coffee Shops

With the canals being the most touristy place in Amsterdam, it shouldn’t surprise you if you find houseboats on the waterways. You can spend a day or two in the unique and beautiful boathouse on the canals and enjoy romantic times with your partner. There are also more than 250 coffee shops in the city. The Dutch sure love their coffee and some smoke. Yes, some coffee shops offer more than coffee in their shops. While marihuana is prohibited in most of Europe, Amsterdam is a bit relaxed in this department and offers you a relaxing time with some coffee and a smoke. But do not go overboard with this privilege. Please keep it under the limit and have a great time in Amsterdam.

Best Time to Visit Amsterdam:

Amsterdam, the most aesthetic city in the whole of Europe, is a place you can visit any time of the year. But the peak tourist season starts from May to August. Keep this in mind when booking your airline tickets.

Amsterdam is a big city and has much in its pocket for you. These are just some of the main spots in Amsterdam that one must enjoy during their trip. You can roam around and find some more exciting and fun places to hang out. Book a cheap flight at FlightsMojo at a discounted price and live your dream of traveling through Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Frequently Asked Questions When Booking Amsterdam Flight Tickets:

1.What is the total air travel period of Flights to Amsterdam?

Ans: Duration by direct flights to Amsterdam from popular destinations;

2. What is the cheapest month to book airplane tickets to Amsterdam?

Ans: Tourists planning a trip to Amsterdam can save big on their air tickets to Amsterdam in February. It is said to be the cheapest month for booking a low fare airline ticket to Amsterdam.

3. Which Airlines generally fly to Amsterdam?

Ans: Major airlines furnish flight tickets to Amsterdam are the following;

4. Is there a direct flight to Amsterdam available?

Ans: Passengers looking for direct plane tickets to Amsterdam can easily buy from any of the famous airlines, British Airways, Air France, or Lufthansa. They provide some low fare direct flights to Amsterdam.

5. How to change or cancel flights to Amsterdam?

Ans: All air carriers have standard cancel and refund policies, and you must check them before reserving a flight to Amsterdam. Some airlines do not allow cancellations. Only in exceptional cases can the cancellation be done. Contact the respective airline or Flightsmojo in case of any cancellations and changes. In some cases, airlines charge a fixed percentage of airfare as a cancellation fee.

6. Where is Amsterdam airport located?

Ans: The Netherlands’ capital, Amsterdam, might seem small, but the city has five working airports. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Groningen Airport Eelde, Maastricht Aachen Airport and Eindhoven Airport. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) is the main airport in Amsterdam and is locally known as Schiphol Airport. It is situated 9 km from southwest Amsterdam, in Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP Schiphol. Easily accessible via public transportation.

7. What are the popular routes for Amsterdam flights?

Ans: Popular flight routes for Amsterdam flights;

8. Can I get a cheap First and Business class ticket to Amsterdam?

Ans: Online platforms, such as Flightsmojo, made it easy for travelers to find the cheapest First and Business Class flight tickets. Nowadays, luxurious airline tickets are easy to book with the help of various flight search engines.

9. Can I get deals & discounts on my flights to Amsterdam?

Ans: Online airline ticket bookings have made it easy to get additional discounts. You can earn airline discounts and also use coupon codes for extra discounted prices provided by your online travel agents. Don't hesitate to get in touch with customer care for more information regarding more discounted prices.

10. Can I Get Cheap Last Minute Flights to Amsterdam?

Ans: Book really cheap last minute airplane tickets to Amsterdam online by using benefits of online payment rewards, frequent flyer miles or consult travel agents or airlines to acquire the lowest fare last minute plane tickets to Amsterdam.

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