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    A galaxy of steep rolling hills surrounded by water on all sides, nice calm weather, and varied enlightening attractions make San Francisco everyone’s favorite tourist destination. The majestic city is located at the tip of the peninsula between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific coast and is well known for its Victorian architecture, dynamic food scenes, innovative cable cars, and beautiful townscapes. It’s a wonderful place for the ones who love outdoor activities, foodies, and passionate wanderers. Do explore innumerable ventures in this Golden City!

    Here is a list of the most attractive places to visit if you’re in San Francisco:

    Golden Gate Bridge

    Towering as high as a 65-story building, The Golden Gate Bridge is a well-known gateway to San Francisco amidst the blue and rocky seascape. A remarkable feat of engineering, the bridge connects San Francisco to Marin County and took nearly four years to build. Make sure you capture some beautiful snaps of the golden rays falling on the water alongside as you stroll along the bridge. Travelers are likely to find scenic bayside trails which lead to some secluded beaches including Kirby Cove and Black sands beach. The Bridge has become an internationally recognized symbol of California and its famous red-orange is known to be chosen specifically to make the bridge more easily visible through the dense fog that usually covers the bridge.


    Alcatraz is a place so rich in history that it attracts not only the tourists but the locals also quite often. Referred to as the rock, the small island of Alcatraz served as a lighthouse, a military fortification, and later as a federal prison for criminals from the American- Spanish and civil war. It was once home to some of the most notorious offenders of the time, including the most famous prohibition-era mob boss- Al Capone. Surrounded by the freezing water of the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz was believed to be inescapable. The place is a lot to get closer to the cells and know more about the mighty tales associated with Alcatraz. The island is a popular tourist attraction providing a breath-taking view of the Bay from there.


    Established in the 1840s, San Francisco's Chinatown is a beautiful place to walk around and explore. It is known to be the oldest and one of the largest and most famous of all Chinatowns outside of Asia. Spend some time in their creative shops admiring their artwork, enjoy meals at dazzling restaurants and take a tour of the fortune cookie factory. Also, make sure to see the iconic Dragon’s Gate as you head outside Chinatown. Overall, it is a beautiful vibrant location to explore!

    Palace of Fine Arts

    The Palace of Fine Arts is a beauty to behold with its central rotunda being the most appealing spot. It is the only structure constructed in 1915 for “The Panama- Pacific Exposition” as a work of art. It is a unique combination of Greek & Roman art with something more to see everywhere you look. This architectural masterpiece inspired by the Roman ruins is a great place to have a walk and explore, have a picnic, and watch the elegant swans in the water nearby. With this, it also has a theater offering a variety of shows, musicals & cultural events for its visitors to cherish.

    Transamerica Pyramid

    Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, the Transamerica Pyramid is San Francisco's other famous icon and well-known symbol of the San Francisco skyline. You can have a look at the amazing creation either by standing directly beside it or from numerous vantage spots around the city. The skyscraper with 48 floors offers the advantage of letting more air and light into the streets below. It is the tallest building in the San Francisco skyline and is quite an amazing site to see in person.

    Fisherman's Wharf

    If you’re looking for some entertainment, restaurants to eat in and comfortable hotels for your stay, head to Fisherman’s Wharf. Visit Pier 39 where you’re more likely to find amazing shops, cafes, historical places, and several tourist attractions. Its historic waterfront is known to be famous for having some of the best seafood restaurants in the city.

    Lombard Street

    Pass by Lombard Street and look around the pleasant neighborhood making quite a picturesque view to watch out for. The street is located between Hyde and Leavenworth streets and is famously known as the most crooked Street in the world since it has some steep hairpin turns. The speed limit in this section is a mere five mph and is an amazing place to take a stroll and enjoy the beauty alongside.

    Golden Gate Park

    Offering a much-needed break from the city’s hustle, Golden Gate Park is a large urban park with a beautiful green landscape, windmills, lovely trails to hike around, and much more. The pleasing park is an ideal place to have picnics, walk around and spend some time with nature. It is about 20% larger than New York Central Park and has some popular tourist attractions like the Japanese Tea Garden, fine ponds, bridges, and Japanese-style structures including an alluring tea house.

    Cable Cars

    You cannot come back from San Francisco without having a tour of the world-famous and ancient cable cars running on the steep streets of San Francisco. These cars are a pleasure to ride, especially if you get to stand on the running board. It has remained the city’s primary transportation for over 30 years. They even have turn-around intersections where they can be turned manually before they head for the next ride. Have a blast as you go up and down the steep hills and around the corners.

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