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    Best known for its tourist attractions, Tampa - Florida seems no less than a tailor-made place for families and friends. The countless attractions for people to love and appreciate include Busch Gardens, areas dedicated to nature and wildlife, museums, and much more. Enjoy a little bit of time in the sun, sit at wonderful and delicious cafes and look at different museums and art in Tampa. It really has some irresistible destinations to traverse and live your life to the fullest.

    Tampa Riverwalk

    This two-and-a-half-mile-long trail gives you an opportunity to see a significant part of the city. The path runs along the Hillsborough River in Tampa, where visitors can bike, walk, jog, and enjoy magnificent public art displays. Stopover at a variety of restaurants, stores, parks, and playgrounds, or star gaze at night and catch a breath-taking view of the Florida Gulf Coast sunset. You are likely to cherish it all!

    Busch Gardens

    The ultimate family adventure and entertainment destination are here to thrill your visit to Tampa. The Busch Gardens is not only a massive 297 acres (about half the area of Central Park in New York City) amusement park but is also home to more than 12,000 animals, a variety of live shows, restaurants, shops, and games. Challenge a 335-foot drop tower, race like a cheetah on Cheetah Hunt, have fun at the Falcon’s Fury, and spin along with the Cobra’s Curse roller coaster. The place is the happiest place to be in Tampa. Here at Busch Gardens, you can find animal exhibitions based on the Serengeti plains and the Myombe reserve to give you an educational value and a gripping memory.

    Armature Works Heights Public Market

    Glance at beautiful old buildings and eat many interesting food choices at this alluring marketplace. This 22,000-square foot industrial market is Tampa’s fetching hotspot for foodies and architecture enthusiasts. The huge buildings offer a wide array of dining options, cooking classes to wine tastings. The space itself exhibits an urban feel that is quite appealing to its visitors. In addition to all the restaurants and cafes, there are also retail shops as well as an inviting rooftop bar. From enjoying some night concerts and movies outside to strolling through the nearby riverside, the marketplace is indeed a relieving tour.

    Tampa Theater

    Take a look at live shows, and film screenings at the beautifully ornate Tampa theater, an excellent spot to spend an amusing day. The theater was built to resemble a Mediterranean garden with flowers and gargoyles and was considered to be one of the most intricate pieces of its kind in the world. On the tantalizing ceiling, there are 99 light bulbs which were meant to symbolize stars in the night sky. Attending a show here is a must. Not only this, but the theater also offers a 90-minute balcony to a backstage door which gives visitors a demonstration of the pleasing sound of the Wurlitzer organ (an electric instrument) in action while providing details about the stories, art and architecture that have played a role in earning the theaters spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Florida Aquarium

    A wonderful place to mingle with aquatic life is the Florida aquarium on the south-eastern edge of downtown Tampa. More than 14,000 species of aquatic animals are housed here including stingrays, sea turtles, eels, starfish, and small sharks. Yet another attraction at this place is the jellyfish exhibit and a little “splash” area for the kids with geysers, dump buckets and spray zones. They are sure to have a delightful time amidst the marine life.

    Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center

    The sight of the endangered marine species, the manatee, is what brings tourists to this location. Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center is unlike the city's other science centers, zoos, museums and aquariums as it’s free of cost and is a perfect place to take a little break from your busy schedules. A popular attraction in the Apollo Beach area, where these large marine creatures seek refuge in the power station discharge panel with fresh warm Tampa Bay saltwater flowing. Along with this, check out the center’s other attractions which include a butterfly garden, tarpon, jacks, striped mullet etc. If you climb the stairs of the 50-foot viewing tower, you can get a unique view of the surrounding area. It’s a combination of a bewitching view of the fauna as well as a beautiful sight of nature!

    Tampa Bay History Center

    Every place has its series of history and art, likewise, the Tampa Bay History Center features three floors of interactive exhibits, theaters and displays educating about its history and architecture. Visitors appreciate learning all about Florida's first inhabitants and the older and newer chronicles of Florida. The famous museum on the Tampa waterfront showcases 12,000 years of Florida history featuring educational films, photographs, artifacts, fossils, and interactive displays. The exhibits are without any doubt interesting and interactive, so you need not worry about the time you’ll have here. Whether it is to learn more about Tampa's historic cigar industry or grab a bite at the Colombia cafe outside, you’re promised a great time here!

    Glazer Children's Museum

    Enjoy “play” as much as children and relive your sweet days at the Glazer Children's Museum. It's just a beautiful, well-maintained space with a lot to offer, so you can go for an hour or the entire day. This 53,000-square-foot museum features tons of interactive and joyous activities that teach children about play, human anatomy, mathematics, science, and art. The museum is a wonderful place to deepen your bond with your children and let them enjoy themselves to their fullest.

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