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“Atlanta” - the principal center of the American south and the best city to head on for some business encounters. Moreover, it is a delightful place to stop over and discover things that appeal to you. From the high-class restaurants to the sumptuous cultural beauty, the city is an amalgamation of absolute fun and knowledge. Fun Fact: Several shows you must have watched like Atlanta; The Walking Dead and Stranger Things have been shot in enticing locations in Atlanta, making it a production center of Georgia’s flourishing film industry. The list doesn’t end here as some world-leading visitor attractions like the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola are waiting for you in downtown Atlanta. So, here's the list of the best places to travel to in Atlanta:

Piedmont Park

Adjacent to the Atlanta botanical garden in Midtown, Piedmont Park is the perfect place to spend a fun afternoon with friends and family. You can either walk or jog on the paths while you take a feeble tour of the area. Refresh yourself with several things that this park has to offer - the dog parks, picnic facilities, playgrounds, tennis courts, a public swimming pool and a Saturday farmers market. What is overwhelming is the fact that Piedmont Park also hosts a variety of Atlanta’s top events, including the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, the Atlanta Jazz Festival and Atlanta pride. If you’re looking for some hours of peace and refinement, this is the perfect spot!

The High Museum of Art

One of the elite art destinations of Atlanta is the High Museum of Art, a white concrete sculptural building wrapping around atriums and cutaway cubes with abundant natural light radiating the majesty of its exhibits. It is a gem of a museum with famous portraits and sculptures to glance upon. Spend some hours walking past this photography arena and adding more to your book of knowledge. You might be surprised at how much you’re able to appreciate wonderful paintings in a beautiful setting.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Brimming with themed gardens and attractions on the north side of Piedmont Park is the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Step into the world of serenity and a blissful zone of restoring air at the Fuqua Orchid Center, which houses the largest collection of orchids on permanent display in the United States. Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory is a home to live animals like turtles, colorful birds, and poison dart frogs. The area supports rainforest and desert habitats, pristine formal gardens like a rose garden, and a Japanese garden as a treat to its visitors

Georgia Aquarium

Enthrall your vacation by visiting the blue kingdom of magic where a wide variety of aquatic life and some remarkably interesting and venturesome activities await your presence. The world’s largest aquarium houses more than 100,000 exotic marine creatures, including dolphins, beluga whales, sharks and many more species to keep you intrigued. Don’t miss the sight of rare albino alligators and skilled trainers interacting with California sea lions. Be it taking a leap into the waters and swimming with the manta rays and whale sharks or walking past acrylic tunnels with fishes swimming on all sides, and the aquarium surely creates a fun time for you!

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park

History and its importance don’t remain forgotten by the city; step into the footsteps of one of history’s most important figures with a visit to Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park. Walk past three main sites that will fill you with complete fascination- the modest home of the great leader, the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where the King was once a pastor and the King Center, where you’ll find engaging pieces on the civil rights movement and his gravesite. Do spend some valuable hours here learning and discovering.

Zoo Atlanta

One of the finest zoological institutions in the country is the Zoo Atlanta. It is one of the best zoos that you’ll ever visit. What keeps it flowing with visitors is that it also offers educational entertainment in the form of show demonstrations, animal feedings, summer camps, yoga classes and much more. Come & learn about the habitats and eating habits of these animals if watching the discovery channel has been your fondness. You are likely to find- the African savanna that has lions, elephants, and rhinos, while the Asian Forest is filled with pandas and Komodo dragons. With this, there’s a rainforest where gorillas and lemurs roam, an aviary with chirping birds of every color, and a reptile world where snakes and alligators lay.

World of Coca-Cola

The World of Coca-Cola is a must-visit. Experience moments of wonder and bliss while grasping more about the world-famous brand, its role in pop culture and the bottling process. Drink a little at each station and enter the scent section for a delightful experience of the museum. It is a great place to gain some knowledge whilst filling your stomach with more than 100 varieties of coke from Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America which are available for unlimited sampling.

People who come to the city are amazed by the awesome things there are to do and see here. So, if you love to travel and wish to conquer the entire world visit FlightsMojo and cherish unlimited deals and offers on your flight. Let Atlanta be your next destination!