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Hola! Travelers. It’s time to visit the most exotic destination of all time, Barcelona. Home to Messi and Gaudi architecture, Barcelona is always ready to welcome you in its full sunshine glory. The capital of Catalina, Barcelona, is famous for its exotic destination and culture. One of the top places to visit on every traveler’s bucket list, the city serves over 27 million tourists every year. This city is a perfect fusion of modern and medieval times. You will have lots of exciting spots and activities to enjoy your stay in Barcelona. From the finest arts to performing arts and parties & festivals, the city has so much to offer. The Catalana capital is full of culture, and you will find diverse cultures in different regions of Barcelona. There are fascinating places that you will surely enjoy.

Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló was designed by Antoni Gaudi in 1904. It is one of the glorious buildings he designed. Located in Passeig de Gràcia, Casa Batlló’s unique beauty of sharded glasses looks colorful and magical. Whether you love the architecture or the art, Casa Batlló will be sure to leave you amazed. Inspired by nature, Gaudi designed it with no straight lines. Why? Do you ask? Because even nature is free of straight lines. The balconies and pillars look like bones and skulls. The unique beauty of this place is enough to bring in millions of tourists from all over the world. You must not miss this one-in-a-million architectural beauty.

Mount Tibidabo

Being in Barcelona, you can’t miss the marvelous Mount Tibidabo. With a height of 512 meters, the mountain has the highest range in the Serra de Collserola. The view this mountain presents is simply breathtaking. You will find many exciting and beautiful places to spend your time. There is the Holy heart church of Tibidabo. It’s neither a cathedral nor a castle. It is a basilica. The basilica is a church where a pope, at one point, has been rewarded with the title Basilica. It might not be as old, but it is definitely worth a visit. You can also go to the Tibidabo Amusement Park. You will easily find it right next to the Tibidabo Church. This amusement park, said to be the oldest in the world and inaugurated in 1905, makes it unique and vintage. For a little more interesting travel experience, Mount Tibidabo also offers an astronomical observatory called the Fabra Observatory. You can book a night tour and enjoy the wonders of the universe in the observatory.

La Sagrada Família

Whether you are staying in Barcelona for a day or a week, you must visit La Sagrada Familia. Without it, your trip will seem unfinished. Trust us, we know. Another architectural beauty created by the brilliant Antoni Gaudi, Sagrada Familia, is one of the most famous churches in the world. The construction is still a work in progress even though Gaudi the construction started back in 1882. It was only done twenty percent when in 1926, Antoni Gaudi died, and the construction process has been slow ever since. But that doesn’t stop tourists and art lovers from going there and enjoying the beautiful structure of the building. We bet you haven’t seen a church like La Sagrada Familia. The stained glass, the unique pillars, and the church’s whole craftsmanship stand out from other churches in the world. Go ahead and book the cheapest flight to Barcelona with Flightsmojo.com and visit the glorious church soon.

Park Güell

Another magnificent specimen of Gaudi’s talent is the Park Güell (Park in Barcelona, Spain). Millions of tourists visit Barcelona just to see the park. The spectacular beauty of the park attracts millions of tourists every year. Spread around 12 hectares of land, Park Güell is nothing short of a fantasy world for visitors. With the uniquely built dragons, lizards, and many more visual artsy specimens, the park has become quite famous among children and adults as well. The colorful view it provides the tourists is perfect for taking pictures and spending quality time with your family. You can book tickets in advance to save time and energy.

The Landmark of Barcelona: La Rambla

The landmark esplanade of Barcelona, La Rambla, is something that every tourist would love to visit. This is where you find the most affordable souvenir for your family and friends. The 0.75-mile street that is located in the heart of the city has so many handmade shops for you to shop from. You will be able to find the authentic and most Catalina traditional things here. There are cute cafes to hang out and relax while shopping. The locals are also amiable and chatty; you will never feel out of place here.

There is much more to Barcelona than just its architectural beauty. Their Catalina culture is something one must witness to see how beautiful the city and its people are. Come and enjoy the vibe with the beautiful people of Barcelona. You sure won’t regret a day spent in Barcelona. Get that Barcelona stamp on your passport, book the cheapest flight on FlightsMojo now and enjoy high discounts. Hurry!