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    Are you planning a happy escape to revive the mood? Worry not; we’ve got just the place for you. FlightsMojo will get you the cheapest flight to LA, California. Los Angeles, aka “The City of Angels”. We will do all the work for you and bring you the best and cheapest flight tickets to Los Angeles. The cherry on top of this trip would be the discount you can avail of on our website while booking your flight tickets. This will totally make your trip extra happening. Wouldn’t it? Also, who wouldn’t want to go to the city of Hollywood? The Shining, a glamor-induced town in the United States of America, should be in your top 10 places to visit on your bucket list.

    Beautiful Beaches of Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is full of lovely beaches in California. The Los Angeles County coastline is spread over 70 miles and is full of beauty. Ideal for a peaceful evening or sightseeing, tourists and travelers love to go to the shores of Venice or Santa Monica Beach. Los Angeles has a few secluded beaches as well. So, if you wish to spend some time alone and enjoy the quiet beach and the beautiful sunset, you can always head to the beaches near Malibu. LA, California, is full of lovely beaches. You can enjoy the evening with a drink or snack by the shore. There are also options for surfing and many other water sports for you to try and enjoy your Los Angeles trip to the fullest. Book a cheap flight with us and enjoy your summer vacation.

    The Never Stopping Nightlife of Los Angeles

    The city is also called the world’s entertainment capital because of its never-stopping nightlife scene. The quintessential space for a party animal. Whether you want a one-person party or a full-blown cocktail & dancing party, LA got you covered. You name it, from clubs to classy high-end restaurants, and the city will take you on your next party adventure. There are countless bars in downtown LA. You can enjoy the night with a bunch of friends dancing, or you can choose to go to a concert. You have multiple options when it comes to entertainment in Los Angeles. LA is beautiful during the day, but the real fun begins at night with the glimmering lights and party mood.

    The Universal Studios Hollywood For The Movie Buffs

    Do you know what they say? When in Los Angeles, go to Hollywood. For all the cinephiles around the world, this place is especially for you. The theme park is one of the most authentic movie studios and a popular tourist attraction worldwide. You can witness how your favorite movies were filmed and have a glimpse of all the behind-the-scenes and hard work a movie requires. It is, without a doubt, a unique place for any movie lover. If you are a Potterhead, we have good news for you. Universal Studios Hollywood theme park added The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It’s a must-visit place. The theme park is complete with Harry Potter-Themed rides and our own Hogwarts Castle. You can also try the Dragon challenge to test your Harry Potter knowledge and limit. Get your muggle bag & butter beer to have the best magical time of your life.

    Santa Monica Pier

    Santa Monica is more than just a regular beach in Los Angeles, California. It is also home to an incredible Pier, where you can have a fun day out and enjoy many things at the amusement park. You can enjoy the many rides along with the famous carousel and food stalls with a variety of junk food to traditional cuisines. It was built in 1909 and was the first ever pier made of concrete on the West Coast. It has now become the historical landmark of LA, California. It is big enough for you to enjoy some peaceful fishing time as well. The pier offers a lot of activities for you to enjoy the day. You can find more gems of Santa Monica Pier when you visit it personally, book affordable and cheap flights with FlightsMojo now and avail attractive discounts.

    Luxurious Beverly Hills

    For a fancy & luxurious day out, LA offers you the ultimate destination, Beverly Hills. It is also quite famous as the 90210 zip code. Home to many opulent and high-end stores and luxurious hotels, Beverly Hills is a place to experience a little glitz and glamor. The iconic Rodeo Drive is ideal for retail therapy. Travelers can have a taste of rich and elegant life like a celebrity in Beverly Hills. You might even end up witnessing a celebrity or two. It’s a hub of celebrity watchers. So, if you wish to spot your favorite actors, you wouldn’t want to miss visiting Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

    The ideal time to visit Los Angeles should be twice a year, from March to May and September to November. It is said that the environment is fresher during this time of the year and less crowded for travelers to visit and enjoy their trip. You can book economy class, last-minute and first & business class flight tickets with FlightsMojo. We offer the cheapest flight tickets, handsome deals & discounts on your flight bookings.