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    Home to many iconic buildings and attractions, Washington is a compact and famous city and is the capital of the United States of America. It is a mix of charming, modern, and colossal premises and quite a lot of places to drink, dine and feast. Not only this, but Washington has some can't miss spots to see, ways to wander, and wide-ranging experiences. If you are planning to visit Washington, visit Flightsmojo for all the latest information about Washington flights. Add the capital city to your list and buy an airline ticket at FlightsMojo for better and more comfortable travel.

    Best Time to Visit Washington:

    Autumn is the best time to be in the capital city of the US, Washington. You can choose either from September to November or March to May to plan your Washington trip. Don’t forget to book your cheap airline tickets in advance to save time and money

    Washington Monument

    The Washington Monument, with its beautiful prominent structures, stunning architecture, and impressively tall tower, is a meditative reminder of the history that this place beholds and the importance of love and gratitude towards your country. The monument is 169 meters (about 554.46 ft) tall, made using several types of stone and marble, making it an integral part of the city’s landscape. Anchoring the buildings that surround it, the monument offers a magnificent view, both simple and nostalgic. It offers picturesque views of the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Hill, and other major attractions in the city from its amazing deck located at the top.

    The White House

    One can surely not leave Washington without having a look at the magnificent White House, the official home and workplace of every US president except George Washington. It is a political symbol of the country and consists of the executive residence, green yards, and the west and east wing. If you wish to visit the White House, you can see it across the street. However, you can’t get super close, but close enough to get the idea and take some amazing photos of the mansion. It is indeed an impressive and beautiful stop around the city. However, the White House is open for public tours five days a week, Tuesday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm. Exciting, isn’t it? Get that Washington plan on and book a cheap flight ticket in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

    Lincoln Memorial

    The famous Lincoln Memorial is where Martin Luther King Jr. made his speech, “I have a dream.” Standing across from the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial pays tribute to Abraham Lincoln – America’s 16th President. The memorial has 36 exterior columns representing the 36 United States at the time of Lincoln’s death. The interior, however, has three chambers, out of which the central chamber houses a massive statue of Lincoln, a breathtaking view with Lincoln sitting prominent and powerful in the center. The other memorials include the Korean War veteran’s memorial, the World War Memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial featuring his 30-foot statue carved into a large granite wall showing extracts of his speeches and sermons. This place is truly an iconic landmark and must be visited to see it in person.

    United States Botanic Garden

    The importance of plants, habitat, and conservation can be well understood when you walk past the Botanic Garden of the United States. An enormous variety of plants from different climates are preserved in their natural habitat and taken good care of. With this, you can also find some endangered plant species that will trigger your senses with reverence and love. In addition to the main building, some outdoor sections comprise various exhibit tours and programs for visitors on each side and across the street. How about glancing at the splendid view of fragrant, colorful roses, bright orchids, and blooming flowers of all types? A true delight, right? Book a round trip to Washington's lowest fare and have a calming time at the United States Botanic Garden.

    The National Mall

    Some of you might be looking for a place to chill and relax. Well, here it is – The National Mall which is an open area of luring gardens, trees, fountains, and monuments stretching nearly two miles between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. Enjoy the views, the history, and the beauty that suffices in the location. The National Mall is a great place to take a tour and is one of the most visited places here, thereby receiving about 24 million visitors every year. The location is a unique symbol of democracy and is a popular venue for city celebrations and rallies. It is a splendid place to visit once in a while.


    Washington is unparalleled, with plenty of museums around its corners. Experience art, culture, science, nature, and history in various museums dwelling in Washington. The first one is the National Gallery of Art, where you’ll find over 140,000 alluring paintings, photos, drawings, and sculptures. The National Museum of Natural History is another great museum to discover in the city. It houses high-class specimens and objects, making it the world’s largest natural history collection museum. The list of museums remains never-ending with other must-visit places, including The National Air and Space Museum and the National Museum of African American History and Culture National Archives Museum, where you will find admiring collections from history and culture. Buy the cheapest flight ticket to Washington and learn about American political history.

    United States Capitol

    “An Amazing location to walk around, especially during hot summer nights, where the lights add some magic atmosphere,” as stated by a visitor to this enormous and captivating site. The United States Capitol is the seat of the American government’s legislative branch, with the Senate in the southwest’s North wing of the House of Representatives. It is an office building for work and an art and history museum inspired by ancient Greek and Roman architecture. What fun! It is indeed a beautiful large, white marble building looking out over the city with a serene and enticing environment. Make sure to take a stroll through the lovely gardens while on the Hill.


    A charming hangout place with upscale boutiques and a pleasing neighborhood. Georgetown is the oldest neighborhood in America’s capitol and is known for its federal-style architecture, impressive estates, historic real houses, and famous residents. Walk around and discover various shops, restaurants, juice, and coffee bars. It is lively and fun to take a tour and click pictures.

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    Frequently Asked Questions When Booking Washington Flight Tickets:

    1. What is the duration of Flights to Washington?

    Ans: Total time taken by direct flights to Washington from popular destinations;

    2. What is the cheapest month to book air tickets to Washington?

    Ans: In February, flights to Washington usually see a massive drop in flight fares for all Washington routes. Passengers looking to buy cheap airplane tickets to Washington and benefit from this considerable fare drop.

    3. Which Airlines generally fly to Washington?

    Ans: Most common airlines providing flying services to Washington are the following;

    4. Is there a direct flight to Washington available?

    Ans: Several airlines, including well-known ones, provide low cost direct flights to Washington. You may check other direct flights to Washington to save time on your air travel and make reservations based on your schedule on the website.

    5. How to change or cancel flights to Washington?

    Ans: Want to cancel your Washington plane tickets? For this, you can connect with flightsmojo customer service. They will help you with your flights to Washington cancellation or changes. You might have to pay a small sum to cancel or make relevant changes to your booked cheap airline ticket to Washington.

    6. Where is Washington airport located?

    Ans: Washington has three major international airports; Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), and Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI). IAD is located 23 miles from central Washington city, easily accessible via public or personal transport. The main airport is Washington Dulles International Airport. Washington Dulles International Airport operates both domestic and international flights.

    7. What are the popular routes for Washington flights?

    Ans: Popular flight routes for Washington flights;

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