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    “London” A glorious city with a mix of modern life and culture. Its rich heritage, royal palaces and scenic beauty make it the most visited place in the United Kingdom. From walking by the river Thames to relaxing in the beautiful green countryside, London has an absolute wanderlust experience waiting for you. London is a spectacular place with several things to explore at every turn, however, taking a trip to this place is going to be your best decision. Contact FlightsMojo and book your tickets to London at great discounts and offers. Explore everything from world-class museums, and majestic art galleries to trendy shopping markets and crazy nightlife in every area of this city. All-in-all, London has several remarkable and iconic attractions to cherish and fall in love with!

    Big Ben

    The iconic admiration of London is Big Ben, the large bell on top of the Palace of Westminster Clock Tower. Your journey here is incomplete if you do not witness the magic of this massive bell. The tower looks spectacular at night when all the four clock faces of the clock are illuminated making it seem no less than a scene directly from the Disney princess stories. The surreal chimes of the bell and its noble sight will make your journey to London worthwhile.

    Buckingham Palace

    Buckingham palace is hands down a prestigious symbol of national and royal celebrations in England. The beautiful architecture, majestic palace and unparalleled environment make it one of the topmost admirations of the city. During a visit to Buckingham Palace in the summer months i.e., between July and September, you can visit the 19 tantalizing staterooms and explore the royal rooms decorated with the most impressive artworks and treasures from the Royal collection. Enjoy looking at the glitz and glamor that this place has to offer.

    British Museum

    An over-the-top museum with innumerable great exhibitions and artifacts. You are likely to find all sorts of amazing collections here from the Rosetta stone to the Egyptian mummies, and from Parthenon sculptures to the helmets of the Sutton Hoo Hoard. This museum is equipped with all the ancient treasures which are indeed wonderful to glance at and know about. The British Museum is England’s most visited tourist site, with more than 6 million admissions per year. Plan your entire day to roam around the area and discover adoring pieces from history and culture.

    Westminster Abbey

    The Gothic building of London- Westminster Abbey is London's best-known religious monument. It is a combination of beauty with great history, all in one place. It is there that the kings and queens of England are buried, as well as certain other royal personalities. The celestial ceilings, stained glass and treasury paintings steal both your attention and imagination. At the end of the dreamy tour, you can explore the cloisters and some peaceful gardens outside for some more moments that are relishing and refreshing.

    Madame Tussauds

    Time to take some selfies between your favorite and famous TV stars and celebrities. Meet the biggest names on the planet, take a red carpet walk with models and get a closer look at popular singers here at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. It is the original waxwork museum formed in 1830 and is also home to many famous faces from history including politicians, sports personalities, singers and many more. Take a ride with the Avengers and feel the power of Marvel with a 4D experience waiting for you here. Don’t miss adding this place to your itinerary and get beautiful pictures to add to your photo album.

    Hyde Park

    This large royal park is famous for its “Speaker’s Corner” where everyone is free to speak their hearts out in front of the audience. Hyde Park is a great favorite spot for long relaxing walks, feeling nostalgic around the Diana Memorial Fountain, strolling past lakes, and watching the swans, squirrels and ducks pass by. If you love cycling, jogging, or walking in the fresh air, this is the perfect place for you. You can also enjoy a romantic boat ride and sit at cute little cafes to relax and have your time. It’s just delightful!

    Sea Life Aquarium in London

    Dive into the world of elfin sea creatures at the Sea Life London Aquarium in London. It hosts a million visitors each year and is home to one of Europe's largest collections of global aquatic life. The underwater life is very impressive and being there is a thought-out experience for all. Walk through the stunning glass tunnel that will take you to the world of blue where you will witness some amazing attractions and see a diverse variety of water stars like Seahorses, Sharks, Clownfish and Octopuses. Have an enthusiastic and fantastic tour out there!

    The London Eye

    You can’t leave London without visiting the captivating London Eye, a 135-meter-high Ferris wheel located on the banks of the Thames. Step into your seat and experience the exhilaration as you rise looking at the spectacular and moving view of the cityscape. It is also known as the "Millennium Wheel” which lets you see London from a completely unique perspective, while you take your seat in the capsule. With the district of Westminster, the River Thames, and Big Ben nearby, the London Eye offers an exceptional panorama of the London capital. It is an illuminative and overwhelming experience.

    Warner Brothers Studio Tour

    We have something for the “Potter Heads,” as you can go behind the scenes of the making of Harry Potter with this magical world–themed Warner Bros studio tour. The wizarding sets, fancy costumes and majestic props come straight from the film sets to give all their fans hands-down much more than a magical experience. Not only this but you can also look at how special effects were used for the creation of the Great Hall’s enchanted ceiling and see how the goblins and other mystical creatures were made. This place won’t fail any expectations that you have from here.